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Wednesday Evening wrapup

No school today, but TLS is in session (Jeans Day - Fayette County is still out) tomorrow.

Today I:
  • fixed banana pancakes for breakfast
  • washed the rest of the laundry, except for delicates
  • helped Flar take pictures of the Biker Boyz leather
  • cleared off the ironing board
  • put away the iron & ironing board
  • updated the chess club database
  • did half the calling for the state tournament
  • failed to post this to live journal
  • went to see Bikey Boyz with Flar

What I didn't do tonight that gets added to tomorrow:
  • scan stuff for the Biker Boyz auctions
  • wash dishes
  • finalize the Sam's list
  • write up a hand-out for chess
  • print out stuff for chess
  • start working on changes to the Erosul site

  • watch Buffy with Knight
  • shop at Sam's
  • other errands?
  • work on Erosul
  • make Beef [crumbles] Enchiladas for dinner [here and in Louisville]
  • finish Chess Club calling
  • drive to Louisville for Sydb's Stampin' Up party [and an overnighter]

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