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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Afternoon update
Lessee, three loads of clothes through the washer, and a load of dog blankets in the washer. The kitchen and jacuzzi room are swept. The top of the jacuzzi is clear for baskets of clothes, and the only unfolded clean clothes are the boys'. I even retrieved the clothes from beside my bed, waiting to be folded.

There are new sheets on the bed. Flar's side of the bed is clear of used tissue and dirty clothes. The massage table is clear, and ready for Flar to take pictures of the Biker Boyz leathers, which are currently using up all my extra tubular hangers. grump, grump

I fooled around too long for souffle, so I'm dithering between rarebit and quiche for dinner. Critter chose "the one with cheese." Maybe I'll see whether Tigger has an opinion.

The kitchen table and counters need serious attention. The boys have been putting away Christmas up in the guest room, so I should climb up and see what else needs doing.

Sweeping sure does make a huge difference.

No word yet on TLS tomorrow. But then, it didn't show up until afer 9pm last night.

Haven't read email yet.

Dryer buzzer. More later.