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Morning update

I went to bed last night, before midnight, intending to read "just a bit" and then wake up this morning at 7, ready to tackle the house.

Did I mention I was in the midst of a Connie Willis novel? I finished it at 3am, and got up by 9am. I've got a load in the washer, a load in the dryer, and a reservation by Bébé for dinner and room tonight.

I was planning beans and franks, but I think the menu is going to tony up a bit. Hee hee. I suggested cheese soufflé to Flar, and he countered with Welsh Rarebit. Personally, I think cheese sauce over crackers is a step down from beans n franks. We'll see what I determine.

Thinking of making the guest bed and dusting and vaccuuming the room. And pick up any "perservatif" (to use the French) packaging that might be lying around.

Ooh, should probably check out the green bathroom for vileness level.

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