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Ice Day

No School Today.

I slept in. mmmm.

After my shower, I headed over to Ro and Knight's to watch Buffy and Angel. It was snowing, but the streets were clear, so the drive was fine. Ro made cheese eggs, bacon and Grands biscuits for breakfast. Yum.

I headed over to the grocery after watching TV with Knight. I went, because we're out of DDP. Oh, and I picked up a bunch of other stuff, like milk and eggs and other soda. But the DDP was at the bottom of the palette, and the Pepsi distributor has a 2/$5.50 sale, so there was no Diet Dr. Pepper. I bought two Caffeine-free Diet, instead, and a couple of 2 liters with caffeine. Gotta have my wake-up juice.

We are among the fortunate in the Lexington area. KU said that something like 90,000 people were without electricity due to the ice storm, and that it would take up to a week to restore power for everyone.

Fayette County has already announced they will be closed tomorrow AND Wednesday, but TLS isn't on the closings lists anymore. I'll call in the morning before I wake the boys. At least they'll get to wear jeans.

I fixed ham, egg & cheese blueberry bagels for Critter and I for lunch. Blueberry was the only kind of bagel we had right now.

After lunch, I sat down to read email, and found out the router was being weird. We ended up turning off all the computers and the router, then starting up the router, then the computers, one at a time. I think the router got confused during the power outage, and when Flar cycled the power on it this morning, he left his computer and the kitchen computer on. Anyway, it's fixed now.

Now that I've caught up on email and live journal, I'm going to fix steak, mac & cheese, and stir-fry veggies for dinner. And probably read, rather than get back online. I'm up to page 540, which is dangerously close enough to the end of the book to keep me up late. ;)

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