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swallowed by a book

I'm reading Passages today. Not the whole book: it's 780 pages, and I'm not that fast a reader. Connie Willis is one of those authors whose writing style just sucks me in. Gotta turn the page to find out what's next sort of writing.

When I woke up, the power was off. Critter brought me my traditional Sunday breakfast in bed anyway, but changed the menu to a heaping bowl of Lucky Charms with milk and Diet Dr. Pepper.

The power came back on sometime around noon, and then the phone came back on a few hours later. Or maybe less time. I wasn't paying close attention.

I took a bubble-bath. Lots of good reading time, and I shaved my legs, which I haven't done in ages. But I didn't try out the rubber ducky. There's only so much time I'm willing to fool around before getting into the water. And it was soaked up in getting through the shipping box, the plastic marketing packaging, the tape holding in the batteries, and finally timed out with trying to get the battery compartment unscrewed. Feh.

No school tomorrow. Got it through the seventh grade phone-tree and the second grade phone-tree, then saw that it was already listed on all the local TV station school closing report websites.

Gonna read now.

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