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I've been a busy bee the past three days.

Thursday morning, Flar drove me to the bowling alley, as my car was in the body shop. Ooh, curbside service. :) We lost all three games, though, and I didn't get my average once.

I had time for a quickie lunch before Flar picked me up, and then I dropped him where he had a meeting, so that I could have a car for errands:
  • I picked up the Stampin' Up orders for me, and Ro, and two of her co-workers
  • dropped off their orders at Ro's work
  • got my allergy shot
  • picked up a few odds and ends at Sam's: water, but no duct tape. ;)
After which, it was time to pick up Flar.

By that time, my car was ready, so Flar dropped me off at the body shop, where I got the spiel about no waxing for 90 days, no soft-cloth carwashes for 2 weeks, and gently spray off any road salt: no rubbing. Then I had to wait while they put in a new headlight bulb, as that had escaped their notice. Sigh. But I have my car back, and it's all shiney and pretty again.

Once I got home, and carried in all the errand-y stuff, I was going to work on valentines, but first I remembered that I'd promised something else to Sydb, and there was packing, and Turnip called me, and I checked email, and then I looked up and it was 6:30 and I hadn't even started to make valentines. I'd been calling Sydb all night (not Wolf - which he definitely noticed), and here I was again:

"Have you already made your valentines, or are you doing that tomorrow?"

Her remark made it clear that if I was making valentines she certainly would have to, rather than use the school-room kind, and that she hadn't made them yet.

So I ended up scooping all the valentines supplies and my overnight stuff into the car and fleeing, around 7:15. I stopped at Ro and Knight's on the way, to pick up a Buffy/Angel tape, and then scooted to Louisville.

I got there before Wolf and Sydb were back from picking up Roo and Stampin' Up orders. I occupied my time by:
  • carrying in all my stuff
  • distributing my stuff to bedroom, kitchen, living room
  • changing into shorts and halter (their house is quite warm in the not-the-bedrooms)
  • reading the paper
  • reading Expecting Someone Taller
  • self-consciously ignoring dishes available for washing

I was restless Thursday night. I think it was because I'd so much I'd wanted to get done before leaving town, and then bringing so much of it with me. I think I was psyched to start into valentines contruction, but didn't push for that, cause I figured it would bore Wolf, but I wasn't ready to just go to bed early or totally veg either, so I kind of pushed for watching Angel, having Sydb as a willing accomplice.

And to think, that after Angel was over and we were all bedding down, that Wolf thought we were both too tired at bedtime. I think Sydb was being quite sweet and letting me have the night as part of my "quickie" visit, but maybe she was tired. Anyway, it was quite nice that I got my Valentines present from Wolf Thursday night. ;)

I had a wonderfully sweet, classic Valentines Day. I had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Valentines Day. Take your pick.

It started out wonderfully. Wolf and Sydb totally spoil me. They've a teeny tiny in their house, and have to wake early with her, but they let me sleep in. Ah, the luxury of staying in bed until 9am. Completed only by Sydb's remembering to wake me so that I don't get a headache from sleeping much past that. So thoughtful.

I got to play some with Roo, and eat oatmeal -- yummy cinnamon raisin -- for breakfast. Then we started in on making valentines. Well, for me that meant assembling stamps, since I had just gotten the ones I planned on using. And somehow the time just flew.

This is when I got a mild peek from the flip side of the day. Time was not my friend on Friday. No, not at all.

When it started getting to be rather late for Wolf's lunchtime, we finally settled on coming back to actually do the stamping work on the valentines, and just made Wolf's valentines, and left. We picked him up, and they treated me to a yummy yummy lunch at Red Lobster.

With another peek from the flip side. Our wait was shortened by agreeing to first available, then the soup and salads were delivered quickly, but there was a biggish lag, waiting for the entrees. So lunch took about a half hour longer than normal.

By the time we got back to the house, I had less than an hour to make valentines, pack the car, deliver valentines and get home.

I love making stuff, and playing with rubber stamps is a good diversion. Making valentines was neat, thinking about each person as I was deciding on stamps and stuff. I had some stamps especially appropriate for some folks, but not for all. But I didn't have the time to really finish everything. Argh. flip flip

Meanwhile, back in Nicholasville, Flar was making dinner for me, to be served at 6pm, and we were to be meet Ro and Knight at the theatre to see Daredevil. So I had to be back on time.

I ended up deciding that all I needed finish were the ones to be delivered in-town, and that I'd somehow find time for the ones in Lexington. Dashed around cleaning up the crafts mess, loading the car... We left the house at quarter of 5. Stopped at two houses for deliveries (a far cry from last year, but then, we weren't that inspired on a rainy day, for the delivery aspect), and left more with Sydb to deliver as she was seeing people later. I called Flar at 5 as I was heading onto the Watterson. Half and hour late wouldn't kill the schedule, and would donuts due as an apology?

Then we got to the freeway entrance. It was like I'd been transported to Houston. Oh, the traffic opened up after a couple of exits, but it was slow moving for most of the way. By the time we'd gotten the donuts, Wolf was actually ready to leave his office, rather than Sydb merely taking that car from the parking lot to pick him up later. I had more delays getting onto I-64 and out of Louisville, and the pouring rain just did not help the driving conditions.

The pouring rain also helped to distract me from noticing that the gas guage was starting to dip, and unfortunately I didn't notice before the car started making "don't wanna go noises." Okay, Monster Time had done its job, turning the day into Terrible No Good Stuck on the Side of the Road missing dinner. I was in tears when I called Flar. Because I wasn't where I was supposed to be, and I had to call on him for rescue.

But he came. My quiet knight in armor. He didn't complain, didn't fuss, just rescued. He bundled the kids into his dad's car to send to the movie. He bought a gas can (we've never gotten around to buying one), he bought gas and drove out in the pouring rain to find me. And he stood in the pouring rain to put the gas in my tank. And he waited for me outside the theatre, as I was delayed by filling my tank the rest of the way.

On the bright side, I had time to finish all those valentines, sitting on the side of the road, waiting for Flar.

And after the movie was over, I was able to deliver them to everyone except for Spydie. The drive to Winchester would be too long to add to an already late night, and with the chess tournament and then freezing rain, today wasn't an option. I don't know when I'll make it, but tomorrow I'll call Blues and find out what he can tell me, and I'm thinking about Spydie, who's got it rough right now.

I stopped by Randomhouse (ooh, ooh, meta nick, we could called them the publishers...) to give them valentines, and then stopped at Ro and Knights. Knight gave me three roses and a DVD of Kate and Leopold, and a Garfield valentine, and Ro gave me a sack full of goodies including a black teddy wearing leopard print, a stretch leopard print bustier, candy, and a hand-made card. In an evil-to-open bought-envelope.

I finally got home. After 11:30pm, going on 5 and a half hours late.

You know how that husband is supposed to feel? When he arrives how to the blackened pot roast and the wilting flowers and the sad but quiet wife?

Oh, but I felt that in spades.

He made me sit and eat before I unloaded the car or printed stuff for the chess tournament. Because I hadn't had dinner yet, and he was concerned about me. And he sat and kept me company while I ate. I was so sorry for being late, but really, so unable to say anything more than that.

And then I had to stay up longer, to unload the car and get things ready for the chess tournament.

Sleep would have come more difficultly if it hadn't been such a very long and trying end to the day.

We had a small, but hardy crew at the tournament today. I had the new bags for the chess sets, and Coach had a box chock-full of new shirts. It was nice to see the whole team in the one matching shirt again.

The primaries were only 2 points out of team-trophy territory, playing some stiff competition. There were only two kids in the elementary division, and had they been joined by equals, they'd have placed, as well. As it was, the stronger of the two placed 9th overall individually. The Junior High kids are struggling this season, but it was gratifying to see one of the new kids win his first game in tournament play.

At least the use of facilities was much more sane. With a slightly smaller amount of kids, there was room in the hallway for the player's tables, and the cafeteria was used for skittles, scoring tables, computer table and concessions. We shared a table with the primary/elementary scoring table, so it was easy to keep tabs on the progress of the tournament.

In all, a much more restful tournament than the last. We left right at 5:10. I had two kids to drop off, then I picked up spending money and Popeye's for dinner. I went into the tournament flat broke, so I used the kids' allowance money to feed them. Which means that this weeks's allowance will be a little thin. Making up last week's allowance, then holding out this week's, then breakfast on bowling mornings... I figure the rest will go to a stampin' up order.

I scarfed down my share of the Popeye's, then settled under my laptop to read email and live journal. Flar channel surfed, and settled into swapping between Rush Hour and Volcano. TIgger disappeared to his computer games early on, and Critter went upstairs to sleep, before Flar went up to his office to call Gaucha.

I got some nice IM time with canuckgirl while I was reading my live journal, and then Flar came downstairs after talking to Gaucha and chatted with me.

It's currently raining, in that freezing manner. The current forecast is for .5 inch of ice to accumulate overnight. But the temperatures are not predicted to dip much lower than upper 20s.

Tomorrow is Sunday. A day of rest. I haven't used my Christmas present from Cinder yet, so I might just while away a good part of the morning in the bathtub. Might cut coupons. Might just read Passages all day.

Flar is going to finally take the pictures of the Biker Boyz leather for the auctions, so I'll probably be working with him on that, and making changes to the Erosul website.

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