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Entries written while travelling

I'm home from my travels now, caught up on live journal and email, and ready to post to live journal. While I was gone, I wrote some about my trip:

We've got about an hour of flight-time left on the flight between Detroit & SF.

I didn't get enough sleep last night -- I was updating my list entry without updating the time [striking through completed items helps me keep going], so my journal entries don't reflect how late I was actually still up.. But I was able to remember most of what I'd wanted to bring when I packed, and I didn't have to think much this morning.

Knight and Ro got to the house with time for loading the car, which meant I didn't take the time to hover over a three cup bowl of Lucky Charms. I probably benefitted from more protein, chosing sausage biscuits, trail mix, and a banana. I was a grump until I went to sleep on the first flight, to Detroit. Once there, I enjoyed seeing a new airport for the first time, especially the art in the tunnel between concourses.

I had fun shopping in the airport stores, too. There was a Ford Museum store which had great toys, and there was a really nifty gift shop.

I bought a smaller purse made with a Route 66 theme tapestry material, for myself, and a bunch of small valentines. Who says valentines have to be cards or candy?

I finished my book on this flight, and decided to write in my journal before starting the next.

We're planning to go to Borderlands Books on Sunday, and Christopher Moore is going to be there, so I'm re-reading those of his books that I have, and plan to buy whatever others there are.

Lunch on the plane was a ham sandwich [yay!] - no cheese, and a packet of dijonnaise rather than mayonnaise [mild boo!], with bibb lettuce; a small bag of Fritos, and an apple that wasn't quite as crisp as I like, but still yummy.

And now more reading.

Our flight to SFO was uneventful, but apparently our baggage took a different trip, since it wasn't there to greet us at baggage claim.

We spent Saturday in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

SFO has a consolidated rental car facility on-site, but away from baggage claim. Which meant waiting for a shuttle that said "Rental Cars," rather than "Enterprise." The staff at Enterprise were very friendly, and their directions for getting from the check-in desk to the garage kiosk were clear and accurate. Unfortunately... we were given a choice between taking a free upgrade, or waiting an hour for our car to be available. Unfortunate, you may question? Yes, given that an SUV is considered to be an upgrade.

The ride on a Nissan Exterra sucks. Knight says that when he speeds up to a more comfortable ride, it gets harder to handle. I'm apparently to slap him silly, should he ever consider buying one. R tells me that her SUV has a similar ride.

We drove to San Jose and checked in, then called Cinder.

Shortly before we left town, Taterguy had written to say that something had come up, and that they wouldn't be having dinner with us after all. I later found out that Imz had read my journal, and wanted to give us more time with Cinder. This was really sweet, and I've enjoyed the added time with her.

There is also speculation that "NYBitch" was thought to be an insulting nickname. I hadn't meant it to be, so I'm using a different nick for her, now. Sorry, Imz, that is, if you're still reading this...

Surlyone was free, so we decided to drive to Santa Cruz and have dinner there. We drove over to Cinder's, where I gave her valentines and kool-aid, and she gave me a purple devil ducky and a hematite bracelet.

Then we followed Cinder to SantaCruz, since she was planning to stay the night. We had a yummy dinner out, then walked over to Surlyone's office and then to a nice independent bookseller.

After we got back to the Circus (Surlyone's house is the color of Circus Peanuts), we hung out and talked, and then headed back to San Jose and our hotel.

Where our bags had not yet arrived. They finally showed up at 1 am PST.

I'll write about the rest of our trip once I'm on the plane going home.

Sleep now.

I didn't write anymore while I was gone, so I'll try to write the rest out now.

Sunday we spent in San Francisco, with Cinder and Surlyone and Turnip and KastensMommy - which is too darned long, but it's better than R - and Wheels and later Andie and Street. I didn't get to meet Methos this trip, though.

So, Cinder found a blurb about Christopher Moore at Borderlands. On Saturday. Neither she nor I twigged to the fact that we were going to Borderlands on Sunday. Oops. We didn't get to see him, but Knight bought bunches of books for me. I got two of Christopher Moore's books, some of Tom Holt's that I haven't read yet, a recent David Brin, and more that I'm currently blanking on.

By the end of the trip, what with the books that Knight bought me at Book Shop Santa Cruz and Borderlands, and then the books that Turnip loaned me to read, I had more books returning than I'd had going.

After we shopped borderlands, feeding was next on the list. We actually got Cinder to sit in a place called "Herbivore." See what California is doing to her? She and Knight and I had desserts, since we'd had late breakfasts. Surlyone and Turnip and KastensMommy and Wheels all had pasta of some form or other.

Then we drove over to Madame S and Mr. S, across the street from each other. There was muchly keen s&m wear to behold. At Madame S, I saw a pair of nipple(?) clamps unlike any I'd seen before. Think of the tool sold for getting pickles out of a jar: a set of four itty claws that pinch when they retract. Okay, so take those claws and rig them like the bodkin-style nipple clamps. I'm thinking good staying power, but easy to draw blood. Maybe better with a spot of tool-dip?

KastensMommy tried on a pair of bedroom shoes that must have had a six inch heel on them. The spike part of the heel was chrome and the rest of the shoe patent leather or the look of it. She left them in the store to think on, and I don't know if she's gone back for them.

Cinder tried on a nifty latex mini-skirt cut a little like a roman charioteer skirt, but pointier. It flattered her, but she didn't get it that day. She and Surlyone are talking about going back to SF next weekend, so she'll have the opportunity to get it if it keeps calling to her.

At Mr. S, I think what truly fascinated me was the leather strap hanging cage. Knight was right in that the contraption looked like a chinese finger trap. I'd love to try that gadget out.

There were also bunches of intriguing dildoes (dildos?) at Mr. S. Nothing that screamed "buy me today" mind you.

Then we swooped back to the Mission district to go to Good Vibes. It's so different from 93, when there was still a dressing room. Some new stuff, some of the old familiar. There was even a Hello, Kitty vibrator. Now that's just wrong. ;) (I'm told there is quite a following of Hello, Kitty by college-age and young professional women in Japan, so maybe not.)

I found something I may order for Wolf and me for our March anniversay. Thinking about it, anyway.

After that, Turnip, KastensMommy & Wheels headed to the Cheesecake Factory to wait for a table for our party, while Surlyone, Cinder, Knight and I went to Castro street for rainbow shopping. (We could have saved on driving had we known about the Polk street Good Vibes that had a grand opening this weekend. Ah well.) I replaced my itty rectangular rainbow stickers that I've used up on covering prices when I wrap gifts, and bought some bigger rainbow sticker paper for making my own shapes, and found a rainbow poison ring. Now I have to decide whether to fill it with lip balm or stain-stick. Since I cracked my most recent poison ring, I've gotten more used to carrying lip balm, so I'm thinking it would be fun to carry the stain-stick goo for dabbing on dinner partners. ;)

At The Cheesecake Factory, I got to meet friends of Surlyone: Andie and Street. I ended up talking to them most of dinner, because of the way we ended up doing the seating. Dinner was good. There was a rendition of southwest eggrolls that were much spicier than I was expecting. It was easily quenched by the yummy sundae-drink that I'd ordered. And then Dulci de Leche cheesecake for dessert. I think I confused Andie by not finishing my dessert. But the piece was so huge!

After dinner, we parted ways, and just Knight and I drove out to Turnip's new place to visit. He was not exagerrating about the condition of the place -- he hasn't finished unpacking yet. It's a nice little house in Brisbane, which is a smallish township between San Francisco and South San Francisco. We had a nice time just sitting around chatting with KastensMommy and Turnip. We got to watch a recording of Kasten in a companion animals competition, where she took first place. It was imbedded in a sort of interview with KastensMommy about owning and living with a companion animal.

I thought I would just fall into bed when we got back to the hotel room, but as it turns out, I napped in the SUV, and was restive when I got into the room. So I caught up on live journal and email, while Knight dropped off almost immediately and treated me to a nasal seranade.

Monday we had time for shopping in Santa Cruz before heading to the airport. Cinder drove us to Santa Cruz, as her itty car is much easier to handle over the curves getting there. We shopped in a nice pedestrian mall, looking for gifts for Ro and Kittybane. I found a Spongebob Squarepants round-top tin lunchbox for Kittybane (she loved it), and I also picked up some postcards, and a present for Wolf and Sydb, when their anniversary comes around. I bought Set for me and the boys, and a smiley-face noise maker that I ended up giving to Tigger when I got home. Knight bought a faux leopard fur covered flask for me -- I'm leaning toward filling it with amaretto, but I haven't decided.

At one point we sat a spell outside a food kiosk run by an expatriate Texan. He sold water in the size sports sipper that I prefer, score! I had a bottle of water and some yummy oatmeal raisin cookies.

Cinder drove us back to her place in time to sit a spell in the house before we had to leave. I wrote on the postcards that I'd bought, and she promised to mail them for me.

After that we headed back to SFO. First stop: Enterprise. The returns guy was crushed to find out that we didn't love our upgrade, and ended up giving us a $4/day discount "because we had to buy a map". The map of San Jose included in the Enterprise freebie is laughable, but that's to be expected of a rental car map. The directions for getting back to return the car were quite adequate. I have to say that over all, I'm extremely impressed with the friendliness of the Enterprise employees, and would always choose them over other companies, given an affordable rate.

By the time we got to the terminal and checked our baggage, we had about 2.5 hours to kill before our flight. We had a nice meal of wraps and fruit, and then wandered to our gate and read/nodded off while we waited to board the plane. Knight and I were both pretty sleepy from the weekend, and ready for a long quiet flight.

Unfortunately, sleep on the plane was somewhat interrupted, by the worst turbulence I've ever experienced. It was the kind that makes you fell like the plane is falling out of the sky. I found myself actually looking for the closest exits, and thinking about whether that mattered if we crashed on land, and whether we'd be flying over any sgnificant water... At one point, the pilot came on to say that he'd been trying different altitudes for a smoother rider, that we were currently at 42,000 feet, and that he'd heard it was a bit better at 29,000, so he would be descending. Smart pilot, to tell his most probably nervous passengers why we were going down. Biscuit.

We made it to Detroit safely, but I don't remember ever being so nervous on an airplane before.

There was a pretty fierce tailwind as part of that wild ride, so we arrived in Detroit early. Knight and I were still pretty sleepy, so we dozed at our next gate, after a breakfast of bagel sandwiches. Mmmm, fresh bagels.

The flight to Lexington was uneventful, and I was grateful to be home at last.

Kittybane and Starmaiden were waiting outside the airport to take us home. We arrived to a warm greeting by Critter and the dogs, followed up by Flar in a bathrobe. He has a cold that he's blaming on coming home from summer in Brazil to winter in Chicago (where he had to walk in sleet as part of changing planes).

The "living" part of the house is cold. The motor seized up on the air-handler for the zone that serves the kitchen, family room, jacuzzi room and dining room. So the boys are staying upstairs, and I donned a sweater to be warm enough to cook dinner, and Flar is staying in bed or his office. Our heating contractor has already come out and determined the problem, and will return when they have the replacement motor.

Knight picked me up at the body shop where I dropped off my car. They think they'll have it ready for me tomorrow. That would be cool, since I don't need to go anywhere until Thursday, when I have bowling in the morning. Flar has a meeting in Louisville tomorrow, and then will either let me drive his car, or pick up the chess bag material for me in the afternoon.

After I got back from dropping off my car, I crawled into bed, and woke up in time to make dinner. We had spaghetti and meat balls for dinner, then Flar went to bed to go to sleep to the basketball game, the boys went back upstairs, and I cuddled under my warm laptop to catch up online.


figure out what I left to do after I got back and get on that.



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