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The rest of the day

And maybe a list for tomorrow...

After I picked up Tigger, we got to drive through big, wet flakes of snow to get home. And it's been snowing, very slowly, for the rest of the evening. We never got around to fixing dinner -- the boys picked out leftovers, but I guess my pork chop for lunch filled me up. I'm snacking on strawberry creme wafers for a bedtime snack. Ooh, it'll be perfect if I add a banana.

I came home in a bitchy mood. At some point I lokoed up and realized that Knight hadn't called yet, and that it was likely he was still trying to sleep off the migraine. Instead of happily excepting that, I was feeling bitchy about it, and he ruined the bitchy by calling and checking in with me. I was right about date night being off, but I couldn't really hold onto the bitchy feeling.

When Wolf called on this way home from work, I ended up hanging up on him, which makes him furious, and I'd no reasonable excuse for it, and looking back can only say I was apparently still feeling bitchy. He called before bed to let me know he wasn't mad at me, which was really cool, and by then I wasn't feeling bitchy anymore.

I got the mail all sorted out tonight, and I've a rough pile on Flar's ottomon, to put in shape during school tomorrow. I've got a list of stuff to do for chess club.

The boys helped me clean up the family room; we threw a birthday party for Flood. Bone-in ribeye, split three ways, but Flood got the bone to herself. I sautéd the meat in butter, and boiled the bone. I also made individual cakes, by lining flan pans with baby carrots, halved, and filling them with prescription diet dog food.

Flood seemed to like her birthday celebration. She ate rather quickly, compared to the scotties. We're feeding her the same dog kibble we feed the scotties now; I should probably check the amount for her...

It's trash and recycling night, so I got Tigger to bring out two bags filled with newspapers, and carried out the recycling bin myself. I've decided to wait until morning to haul out the kitchen trash and do a round-up of the other cans downstairs.

When I was going to take out the recycling bin (and carry in mail on the way in), I slipped into Christopher's snow boots for convenience. None of my boots were by the back door, and now he wears boots larger than my feet. Turn about is fair play -- he used to slip on mine for going out.

I decided to turn on the TV to keep me company while I got ready for bed, and there was no signal from the satellite. So I went up to the sun deck and brushed snow off of the dish. It took a dishscraper to get the ice off.

The Majestic had just started when I sat down to check email, live journal, and update mine... So I think I'll find quiet tasks that are amenable to watching the movie.

Before I leave for San Jose:
  • tackle the pile on Flar's ottoman
  • do dishes, more recycling and the hand-wash
  • clean the counters
  • clear off & wipe down the kitchen table
  • tidy the jacuzzi room and laundry room
  • finish the laundry
  • pack
  • pick up a few things at Wal-Mart
  • take the pictures for the ebay auctions

  • drop Tigger off at school
  • watch Buffy and Angel with Knight
  • see chess club list
  • see list above
  • call Flar before chess club
  • pick up social studies books for Critter
  • chess club
  • did I mention see list above?

People should lay odds on what percentage of my lists get done...

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