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Continuing plague watch

I woke up with a Very Swollen Uvula this morning. It's like having a big wad of phlegm to swallow, but heck, it's attached.

Drinking and eating seemed to help, but that was not intuitive.

Critter woke up with another 100°F temperature. I'd start questioning the thermometer, but the battery is fresh, and it give the usual sub-normal readings for me.

On the way to bowling this morning, I picked up material for new bags for chess club. I'm planning on making 20 this time. They'll be easy, as we're having the logo done along with the polo shirts, so I only have to do straight seaming for drawstring bags. I should be able to make a bag every five minutes, counting ironing, so it should take me less than a couple of hours to do them all. I've been meaning to make myself and Wolf some bags, so I'll devote about 4 hours to bags sometime next week.
Bowled 140, 146 and 116 this morning. I was pleased to be holding my own above my average in the first two games, but darned annoyed at not being able to pick up 7 pins in the 10th frame of the third game to make the difference between 1/4 versus 2/2 points.

Sent a preliminary estimate of players for the Quad C tournament (a day later than I'd planned; oops), and did some other chess club geeking. Washed the material for the new bags. Then I wrote up a list of things to do for Chess Club tomorrow, so I won't forget anything.

Knight's got a migraine today. Don't know if date night is on. We're giving the dogs a birthday party for Flood today. She arrived on our doorstep 1 year ago six weeks from today, and the vet said she was six weeks old, at the time. So today is her imputed birthday. (Did I actually get to use that word correctly in a sentence. ;)

It's supposed to snow this afternoon and tonight. But not get ugly or anything. I picked up milk and bread out of actual non-weather-related necessity yesterday.

Now to pick up Tigger.

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