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getting betta'

Well, I feel better this morning than I did yesterday morning. And Critter feels better this morning than he did yesterday morning. But his temperature was 100.0°F when I took it this morning, and he sounds pretty croupy when he coughs.

Looks like Critter is going to get well just in time for mid-winter break. And I'll still be in recovery mode for my trip to CA with Knight.

I was going to stop by the grocery, the bank and the post office this morning, but I left my wallet at home, and then decided, once home to stay long enough to print out checks properly, rather than write them out and put check numbers into Quicken.

A young kid - either 18 or turning 18 this year - misjudged the turn this morning, and ran into our fence. So when I got home from driving Tigger to school, a sheriff's deputy came knocking on my door. I've gotta call up Farmer, so he doesn't put horses out in that part of the pasture. The kid said he'll do the repair work himself: I've just got to coordinate it. Farmer generally does the fence upkeep for the property, so I'll talk to him about that.

Demariana is coming over after her appointment with the resume writer. So I've gotta get my errands done before then.
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