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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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getting betta'
Well, I feel better this morning than I did yesterday morning. And Critter feels better this morning than he did yesterday morning. But his temperature was 100.0°F when I took it this morning, and he sounds pretty croupy when he coughs.

Looks like Critter is going to get well just in time for mid-winter break. And I'll still be in recovery mode for my trip to CA with Knight.

I was going to stop by the grocery, the bank and the post office this morning, but I left my wallet at home, and then decided, once home to stay long enough to print out checks properly, rather than write them out and put check numbers into Quicken.

A young kid - either 18 or turning 18 this year - misjudged the turn this morning, and ran into our fence. So when I got home from driving Tigger to school, a sheriff's deputy came knocking on my door. I've gotta call up Farmer, so he doesn't put horses out in that part of the pasture. The kid said he'll do the repair work himself: I've just got to coordinate it. Farmer generally does the fence upkeep for the property, so I'll talk to him about that.

Demariana is coming over after her appointment with the resume writer. So I've gotta get my errands done before then.

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Why is it that you always seem to get sick when you and Knight are scheduled to travel somewhere together? You really need to schedule your illnesses better. "Nope, sorry - can't be ill this weekend - how's Thursday after next?" ;)

I mostly seem to get sick for our trip in February. Maybe we should plan a different time for our annual trip?

If I recall correctly, you were also getting over a nasty ear infection or somesuch on your drive out to Cali with Cinder. :)

Yeah, but that wasn't so much a trip planned for Knight and me to go somewhere, as it was the only way for Cinder to get to San Jose.

(Deleted comment)
Well I was planning to email you, but I was waiting to figure out when I was already committed. Knight and I are arriving SFO at 2:50pm on Saturday, leaving at 10:20pm on Monday, also out of SFO. We're staying in the hotel we wanted to be in for Worldcon, across from the convention center.

First priority for the trip is visiting with Cinder, but she let on to Taterguy that we were coming, and somehow we're having dinner with he and NYBitch and not Cinder on Saturday night. Given that Taterguy preferred not to have Cinder join us Saturday night, he probably wouldn't appreciate another suggested add-in.

We've got plans on Sunday night to have dinner with Turnip and R, and then hang out. At this point, I'm not sure we can even include Cinder and Surlyone in those plans, as Turnip is pretty uncertain about the guestibility of his newly (as yet, still packed) digs. Which leaves Sunday during the day to go into the city. We're definitely doing Borderlands, will probably stop in Foster City to show him where I used to live, and not sure what else.

As soon as we get settled in the hotel, I'm calling Cinder, for her to come over, and Taterguy, to firm up dinner plans.

Given your funky work schedule, and how much we already have roughed in, do you think we can get together? Possibly after dinner on Saturday, or sometime Monday, or maybe even breakfast Sunday or Monday?

If you like, I can add you to our fresh-in-town calling.

Wow, nah, Because of our funky work, working nights Sunday through Thursday and not being here on Saturday of this week. Well rats. One of these days I wanna get us finally in the same place for food or something and introduce you to TK. Hopefully soonish :)

I was kind of thinking that would be the case. If we'd been planning a longer trip, I'd have definitely emailed you about getting together.

Maybe next time.

Where in CA are you guys a'visiting? and when! I'd love to have yall for dinner if you come near my area :)

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