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Home sick

I bowled today. After all, I had to be out of the house anyway, to take Tigger to school. I bowled 116, 159 & 113. We ended up winning three out of four points.

I woke up feeling worse this morning than yesterday. If I don't feel an improvement tomorrow, I'll call the doctor's office and see if I should be on a stronger medicine. At least erythromycin is cheap, if I end up throwing away an unsed portion.

Critter still had a 99° temperature this morning, but this afternoon he thinks he'll feel well enough to be at school tomorrow. I asked him if he thought that this morning. And then I told him that I was keeping him home until the last day at home he was itching to be at school. One can do that with children who like school. The doctor said "fever-free" for a whole day, after all.

I found the laptop desk that I really, really want. The tough part is going to be saving up the $190. For one with two extra shelves and a mouse-shelf. The shipping seems quite reasonable, really.

Nap now.
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