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A restful Sunday and lists

I started my next book, fixed pork chops and stuffing (ala Campbell's) for dinner, and de-cluttered my bedroom. I changed the sheets and got all the dirty clothes sorted and into the laundry room. I've washed two loads of laundry; the first is still drying. I still have two baskets of clean clothes sitting by my bed, but the room is otherwise a happy space.

The bathroom no longer has dirty clothes scattered on the floor from sorting out what Flar needed washed Wednesday night. My sink is a tad cluttered, but there's nothing piled up by the tub anymore. The bathroom is happy enough.

After dinner I put away all the Flood magnets (anything she'd get into trouble over -- for instance, leftover pork chops), and there's space enough on the table to read a paper and eat.

Early in the day, I called to invite Ro and Knight over to hang out, but later Ro called to say that Knight wasn't up to going out. It turns out that neither is Critter.

Critter woke up with a headache this morning. I suggested he eat, since he has a tendency to forget to do that early on Sundays, but the headache didn't go away, and he was also achy all over. It turns out he's got a fever. When we took his temperature at first, it was 100.7°F. Later, after plenty of time for the two extra strength tylenol to work, he still have a temperature of 100.4°F.

I called all his teachers, to let them know I'm keeping him home tomorrow. He finished his math homework for me to bring to school tomorrow, and his advisor will take care of having a homework packet made up for me to pick up in the afternoon. When I talked to his advisor, she said that Strep is going around in the middle school, so if he's still feverish tomorrow, I'll call for a doctor's appointment. He hasn't complained of a sore throat, but he is congested.

Tigger kept me company while I was moving around the dirty clothes, and then played games with me after dinner. He was annoyed about me asking him to stop playing computer games in the evening, but enjoyed playing games with me. We played two rounds of Groo and three rounds of Aquarius, and darned if he didn't win every single game we played. Grr. Then I read a couple of chapters of The Borrowers Afield to him. That's the series that we're reading when Critter is away, or in this case, gone to bed early.

I didn't get the leather stuff done yet, but I was sorely lacking happy space in the house, so I'm not sorry about my choices today.

While I was surfing last night, I found what I think I want to get as a lap top desk for beside my recliner. Now all I have to do is start saving up the money to put toward it.

And now for tomorrow (and beyond):
  • remember to take Critter's homework when I take Tigger to school
  • take care of sick Critter, and determine whether to schedule a doctor's appointment
  • continue with the laundry
  • make happy spaces out of the kitchen, then jacuzzi room, then family room
  • take pictures of all the leather
  • write up descriptions of the leather
  • send them to Ro for ebay
  • update the website
  • pick up homework for Critter when I pick up Tigger

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