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TMI re personal changes


Okay, so I remember (vaguely) the days when I was off the pill. I remember not knowing exactly when my period would start -- once of the most significant reasons I preferred the pill for birth control, in fact.

But I've forgotten lots of the rest.

Gee, the pill often gets prescribed to help poor nubile teens cope with periods that are just too heavy.

I honestly don't remember even spotting while sporting a super-plus absorbency tampon, but soaking the underwear to the point where they fling spots when I flip them down? Bleh. I've never had a problem making it through the night with one tampon. At least the sheets escaped any staining. I've no idea how.

I did warn about TMI.

Maybe heavy bleeding takes fewer days than the more sedate flow I'm used to?

I'm eating more chocolate than I can remember in ages.


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