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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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TMI re personal changes


Okay, so I remember (vaguely) the days when I was off the pill. I remember not knowing exactly when my period would start -- once of the most significant reasons I preferred the pill for birth control, in fact.

But I've forgotten lots of the rest.

Gee, the pill often gets prescribed to help poor nubile teens cope with periods that are just too heavy.

I honestly don't remember even spotting while sporting a super-plus absorbency tampon, but soaking the underwear to the point where they fling spots when I flip them down? Bleh. I've never had a problem making it through the night with one tampon. At least the sheets escaped any staining. I've no idea how.

I did warn about TMI.

Maybe heavy bleeding takes fewer days than the more sedate flow I'm used to?

I'm eating more chocolate than I can remember in ages.


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Sorry, don't think there's a significant shortness in duration due to increase in volume ;>
In seriousness, if this is accompanied by significant pain (even just worse cramps), or if you should start to spot in mid-month; get your ass to your GYN! There are several forms of female ick that show unexplained heavy bleeding as symptoms (but I'm not good enough to recall them all) If you're back to normal next month, just write it off. If not, get yourself looked in to (yes, I *meant* to say it that way!)
Take care of yourself, sweetie! I'll see you soon - huggles

Re: medical gal here!

No more serious cramps than usual. Except for two acute enough twinges last week, that I wondered if that's what ovulation feels like, not having experienced it in over 9 years, and well, not really paying attention before.

Since the only set-in-stone thingie about the cycle is 14 days from ovulation to menses, the twinges were just early cramping. And I continue to be blissfully unaware of any sensation associated with ovulation.

Which serves to justify my decision to take the "from ovulations to menses" recommended supplements daily. Otherwise I won't be getting them early enough, most likely.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I hadn't heard of that. Well, as far as I know, that's not a problem of mine. ;)

Would it be more accurate to say that the only thing regular about an irregular, but fertile period, is the 14 days from ovulation to menses?

Re: medical gal here!

Actually, 14 days from ovulation to menses isn't set in stone, but if it isn't close to that, you're not likely to get pregnant. If I remember correctly, that's the "luteal" phase, and one of the causes of infertility is having a short one.

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