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Sunday morning

I slept in this morning, all the way to 8:30. Once I was awake, I stayed in bed and read my book. Before low-blood sugar could do a number on me, I hauled myself out of bed for a brunch of cheese eggs, cheese sandwich and an orange. While finishing my book.

The messy house is crying out to me. I caught up on live journal as part of the process of reviewing the latest book and marking it for my memories. After I read email, I'm going to do a swoop through the house until I've appeased the mess monster.

I've decided that while Sundays are my day of rest, there are a couple of things I can do to help my week be better: pick up clutter so that the hard-core cleaning is what remains for the week, and make lists. So I'm going to make lists today, after I de-clutter the house.

And work on Erosul stuff.

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