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While Tigger was at the birthday party, and after Critter's friend had gone home, we decided to watch movies: Harriet the Spy and The Fifth Element. Tigger came home during the first one. I got kind of distracted by all the movies, and didn't make quick progress on chess stuff. I ended up doing recreational stuff online instead, like cruising amazon. I also got distracted, trying to figure out who someone was in The Fifth Element. I couldn't figure out the character name to search in the credits in IMDB. We was one of the guys in old-fashioned sailor hats, who ended up guiding Dallas and Ruby to the control room, and who seemed relieved that Dallas would handle the negotiation.

After the movies, we played a game of Gold Digger - two rounds - before the boys went to bed. Critter and I seemed to get the hang of it in the second round; it's an interesting strategy game.

When it was quiet, I finally got the letter put together for the parents. I realized while I was writing it that I needed input from coach. Since our deal is I write, he edits and sends, this should work out okay. I put notes to him about what questions I have.

I wish I'd gotten my act together and done this a week ago. Sigh. There would be more lead time for getting the information, and a realistic expectation that we could deliver t-shirts at chess club on Friday. I don't know the turn-around time for the embroidery, so I'm skeptical.

We'll definitely be able to get them back in time for the tournament, even if we have to deliver shirts at the Quad C. And I've committed to go out and get material for chess bags, so we can get it embroidered, too. That simplifies making the bags, substantially.

Tomorrow, my only commitment is to get the Biker Boyz stuff done for Erosul: ready materials for use on ebay, update the website. Of course, if I get any house-cleaning done tomorrow, it would probably improve my outlook during the week.

Now for bed, perchance to read.

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