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The rest of the week

It's been a long time since I went without sleep, and I don't plan on it again anytime soon. They say a 10 minute nap is good for 3 hours of alertness. I got 20-30 minutes, plus a refreshing wake-up shower.

But I got the boys to school safely, dropped the bills in the mail, picked up Flar at the airport, picked up another gift, and cards, for Wolf, then got to the bowling alley during the second game. I rolled a strike as my first ball in the one game I bowled, but I scored under my average.

After bowling, I followed Knight home, to pick up a tape for Wolf and Sydb, stopped at Bébé's bank to cash my spending money check, picked up lunch at McDonald's and headed to Louisville.

I don't get to see Roo very often right now, so she's taking this opportunity to grow like a weed, and learn lots of new things while I'm not looking. ;) She's still a very adorable baby. She can crawl, and walk with one hand held for balance, and pull herself up to standing, and likes to talk (still jabber, with lots of dadadadada), and likes to eat and seems always to have a smile or a laugh ready.

Oh, and it was neat to see Sydb. ;) I hauled in lots of stuff, and then sat on the floor of the living room to wrap presents. We debated on ways to camouflage the game, but Wolf figured it out anyway. After that, I made the glaze for the Strawberry Carrot Cake. We talked about going to the grocery, but by the time we were ready, Wolf was on his way home, so he met us there and we all went together.

For dinner, Wolf decided on black beans & rice with queso and chips, and directed me in fixing it, so he wouldn't be fixing his birthday dinner.

We watched last week's Angel and this week's Smallville during dinner. I fell asleep during much of it, as the lack of sleep was starting to tell on me. Wolf opened his presents before Smallville started, and I brought down the cake during one of the commercial breaks.

Sydb gave a more detailed account of this evening, seeing as she wasn't as sleepy as I was, while it was happening.

Wolf took his birthday as a personal day off from work, so we got to spend a nice relaxed morning together. Wolf fixed scrambled eggs with potatoes in them, and grands sweet rolls for breakfast. Yum. I wanted to decided on an order for mj_artiz' Stampin' Up party, and Sydb wanted to check email, so Wolf suggested we go downstairs so he could play with his new games while we were involved.

Then Roo feel asleep. Her naptime was a convenient time for Sydb to finish online and shower, and for Wolf and I to get some play time. :)

After Roo woke from her nap, and go fed lunch, it was our turn. We went out to Tumbleweed, where they have yet a third variety of "eggroll" appetizers that are different from those offered at Chi Chi's and Chile's for me to try. They brought Wolf a free sundae and didn't sing to him, which he hates in restaurants. I had to drive back to Lexington at that point, so we parted ways after lunch.

I picked up Flar, then we picked up the boys, had dinner at Hunan, and picked up Bébé to take him to the school musical.

Dinner at Hunan was yummy. I've been doing chinese at buffets too much recently, and had forgotten how freshly prepared Chinese food tastes.

The musical was fun. Steven Sondheim's Into the Woods. It's based on fairy tales, and takes past "happily ever after."

But that put us home very late, and then I had to wash two loads of laundry for Flar to go to Brazil the next day. Fortunately, he didn't need much, and I could set the machine to low water loads. I used the time staying up with the laundry to catch up on email/live journal, and get the bowling forms ready for the next morning.

I've been late to bowling too often, I suppose. I arrived at 9, and M remarked about me coming in early. I started out with only a 109, but surpassed my average for the series, by bowling 146 and 176 after that. My average is still 139. We only won one game, which is frustrating, because we lost the second game by only 1 point.

After bowling, I headed home in case Flar needed me to run any going-out-of-town errands for him. I had a nice lunch of leftover Hunan's and enough time to read, but not write, live journal.

Flar ended up running late coming home from meetings. I got a heads-up when he called home to ask me to start his packing for him. Various trivial bits, but mostly being in a rush, put me in a foul mood for taking him to the airport, but we didn't fight. I still felt awful driving home.

Fortunately, I had plans to go out with Roina_arwen that night, and being around her often cheers me up. We went to a Stampin' Up party in town, and I had lots of fun being with the girls, giggling and making stuff. It was late when I got home, but I was very glad I'd gone.

Friday was a half-day at school for the boys: Teacher In-Service Professional Development Day. After I dropped the boys at school, I got the car washed, and stopped at Knight's to watch TV. We watched this week's Angel, which was mean. And then we watched the presidential address. It was much easier to watch and listen, than to read -- all those breaks for applause allowed stuff to sink in better.

The news people always pick out what they want to report, but I'd love to see the research into fuel cell powered cars go through. I'd also love to see the mentoring program and AIDS programs be passed and really make a difference.

I wonder if tax cuts will really happen, and if anything will help the economy start growing again?

By the time we were done watching TV, it was time for me to go get the boys. On the way home from school, we had lots of little errands:
  • lunch at Subway
  • a quest for lasertops at two different Dollar Trees
  • a small (less than $40) grocery run
  • </li>picked up Tigger's glasses and had them adjusted</li>

At home, I thought about starting to work on some stuff for Ches Club, but I didn't really have the time. Critter helped with dinner, which we ate with Ro and Knight. They came over to take pictures of the vests before we left to go to see Biker Boyz. Taterguy's scene got cut. The vests were all over the film but I couldn't spot the scene where Bonet wore the pants, so I don't know if it got cut.

It'd be nice for Biker Boyz to have a great box office this weekend, generate a weird cult following, and net us huge profits on selling the authentic leather used in filming. But I hestitate to tell people to run out and see it. It's a very tight niche movie: black motorcycle club culture.

After I got home last night, I uploaded the parent emails for Chess Club to the address book for Coach and I have a plan for sending out official club updates. Our next letter will be about the upcoming Quad C tournament and getting club t-shirts. I actually quit last night before staying up too late, and need to write the letter this afternoon.

I took Tigger bowling this morning. The Columbia broke up on re-entry, minutes after I turned off the radio before going into the bowling alley. We heard about it on the drive home. I sent text messages about it to Wolf and Turnip and Ro. Turnip has requested that I let him know when there is a significant news event like this, as I tend to be more often listening to news than he is. So I've gotten into the habit of being news-bringer.

Critter has a guest over, who spent the night last night. Tigger has a guest over, who is going to the same birthday party as Tigger today. W's dad drove him over here, I'm driving them both to the birthday party, and W's dad is picking them both up. Which is kind of cool, since it not only cuts down my driving, but also means I don't have to drive after dark.

My right headlight is out, and since I'm taking my car in to have the bumper repaired a week from Tuesday, I figure on just not driving in the dark much, until then.

The rest of today, and tomorrow:
  • write the next update letter for Chess Club
  • write a letter asking for t-shirt orders and (another?) asking for commitments on the next tournament
  • write a letter to s-l with an estimate of how many kids we'll being bringing to the tournament, with a promised date for our roster
  • take Tigger and W to the birthday party
  • take pictures of the Biker Boyz leather and write up descriptions to use for ebay
  • do some maintenance on the Erosul web site
  • clean house

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