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Somedays I am just an intolerable s**t.

  • checkbook balanced
  • found the missing deposit slip before I panicked over the balance
  • transferred bills to kitchen to print many of them
  • put the cake together in a bundt pan: less decorating necessary
  • washed dishes & loaded the dishwasher
  • swept the kitchen
  • take the cake out to cool
  • print checks
  • pack
  • change sheets
  • shower
  • pack the car

Whatever I don't get done the rest of the night, I have to do in the morning, before 7:30am.

Then I get to
  • drive the boys to school
  • pick Flar up at the airport
  • get to bowling late
  • pick up a couple of things on the way out of town
  • Drive to Louisville
  • help Wolf and Sydb celebrate his birthday

That is, if he's forgiven me for being a s**t tonight.

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