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Another Day of Rest

Another good idea of the literal biblical God... A Day of Rest. Not sure how sacredly I keep it, but I do understand the benefit of one day in which I don't feel guilty if I don't do anything.

I woke up this morning with an icky headache. If Flar had been home, I'd have talked him into fixing me breakfast. Instead, I read in bed awhile, then Wolf called and ordered me to eat.

A Diet Dr. Pepper, leftover Ham & Swiss casserole, cheese eggs and cereal didn't make my headache go away, but it was slowly receding. I reflected on my headache and the snow outside, and decided that I'd really rather stay home all day. So I called Bébé and we put off the Mac installation fest until tomorrow. And I promised the boys to take them by the Toys R Us/Best Buy complex after school tomorrow. I might even nip into the Office Max and get something for myself. ;)

Last night, after giving the water heater sufficient recharge time, I bathed. This afternoon, after starting my headache receding with food, I took a shower and shampooed my hair. And washed my piercings, which are definitely rotating freely, but still fairly tender when I fool with them. Relishing the full laziness of not having to go out, I "dressed" in pajamas. And for the first time since I got the piercings, I'm braless. I'd really missed being able to take my bra off to sleep. We'll see how I feel about this brash decision, in the morning.

Critter seemed to have forgotten that cleaning his room was supposed to take first priority, but he's back on track, now. Tigger and Critter helped me get the family room more respectable looking, and I'll take the kitchen to task tomorrow, after I get home from Bébé's.

In my idleness today, I finished read Kushiel's Chosen. I haven't decided on my next book yet, mostly to keep myself from diving back into a book right away. I've gotten caught up on live journal, and now I'll read email. After that, I'll see how I feel about doing something productive. Maybe something needful, but more "project-y" feeling, like re-vamping the files.

Clark Howard recommended this site with advice on what to keep and how long. I'm going to check it out before I print out file labels.

But now it's time to read another Knot from a Tangled Tale, and send the kids to the showers and bed.

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