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The Chess Tournament

I think we started play at 9:30am. The player's meeting was at 9. There were a bunch of last minute cancellations that meant some of the first round pairings were changed -- but the TD did that on the floor.

S ran the pairing software this time, rather than D from Louisville. The organization of the tournament itself was pretty tight, and the only "delays" were games that ran close to the time limit.

That was the good part.

The skittles area sucked. The cafeteria and gym at Henry Clay are in the same building, but we couldn't get the gym for the tournament -- whether concern over the floor or practices that simply couldn't be re-scheduled, I don't know. We got stuck in One Hallway. The cafeteria had space to spare, but I've been at tournaments that gave over skittles space in the playing room, and it was just too darn loud.

There were 209 kids in the Primary, Elementary & Middle School sections -- I didn't stay for a crosstable of High School. Add a parent for every four or so kids, and a coach or two for each team, of which there were at least 10, and you get the idea.

The hallway was wide enough for two lines of tables stretching the length of it, with chairs on either side, and comfortable space to walk up one side, and sidle space in the rest of it. I stayed on my feet most of the day, because this unsatisfactory skittles area showed its worst weakness when the pairing sheets came out. The length of the hall, and how crowded it was, made communication in the skittles area difficult.

I eventually learned to haunt the pairings table, pull all of the pairings off the printer, and distribute them myself. What convinced me were the two or three people who'd thought it was sufficient to put the entire pile of pairings on the check-in table, and meekly call out "pairings." I walked the pairing sheets out, called out in Mom Voice (which has been known to carry across county borders ;), and then didn't stop until I had actually handed out each of the team sheets.

Sigh. Perhaps S will cadge better skittles space for the Quad C.

The trophies:

In Primary, one of the first graders won 7th place Unrated, and the team placed 10th (ouch).

In Elementary, one player won 3rd place Under 600 Rated, and another won 5th place overall. The team won 3rd place. This is pretty significant, as the team score is the sum of the top 4 individual scores, and we only had 4 elementary players today.

In Middle School, one player won 3rd place Under 700 Rated, and the team won 4th place.

Our team spends more time playing gameboy between matches than I'd like to see. I'm seriously considering getting a bunch of copies of chess for Gameboy and telling them it's chess or reading.

We got home rather late, as there was a mix-up between the parents of one of the Middle Schoolers, as to who was picking him up. So we left a little after 6, when we probably could have gotten away by 5:15 or 5:30.

We're all home, the dogs are fed -- and unfortunately crated again for the night, because none of us have the energy to deal with pent-up-all-day dogs. Dinner is bean soup and grand buttery biscuits. I'm spending the rest of the evening doing some fooling around on the computer, and then I'll draw a bath and read and go to bed.

The temperature was 21°F at 6:54pm, and the forecast low for tonight is upper teens. When we got home, we turned off all the running water, and by the time I try, I should be able to draw a nice hot bath. Yay!

Then I have to run them again tomorrow night, so I'll be sure and shampoo my hair before hopping into the bath.

My piercings are healing just fine: little crusting, and the jewelry seems to rotate freely now.

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Knight and Ro have invited us over to watch movies, but snow is in the forecast again, and depending on how late we're at Bébé's, I may just want or even need to scuttle home.

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