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Good news

My blood pressure was only 128/80 at the allergist today. And the doctor said I could take my Zyrtec without affecting it. The nurses said it would be fine to ask for my blood pressure to be taken when I come in for an allergy shot, if I want to keep monitoring it.

Knight's taking me on an honest-to-goodness date tonight. Window shopping at a furniture store (I want something better to put by my chair for my laptop), dinner at Chinese Buffet and a movie: Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.

And, I got the kids to help me get the rest of the stuff off the jacuzzi -- the Christmas wrapping supply box, and a bunch of their Christmas presents. I put cleared off the rest of my stuff. My clothes and the towels and sheets aren't folded, but they're not taking up space on top of the jacuzzi.

I wrote up a list of things for the kids to do, and I'll call before and after dinner to check up on them.

I started a bean soup for tomorrow, in the crockpot. It's got two cans of Great Northern, a can of light red kidneys and a can of dark red kidneys, two cans of diced tomoatoes and a can of Rotel tomatoes, the rest of the ham that didn't go into the casserole last night, a pound of carrots, and a chopped onion, sautéd in butter. I added three cans of water, and I'll let it simmer at crock pot low until tomorrow afternoon, when I'll see what seasonings it needs.

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