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Mid-morning update

The roads were totally clear by the time I got to Nicholasville Road, and Vince has a nice comforting scattering of cinders on top of the snow.

Critter actually wore his leather jacket over his sweater, so it's offically cold. ;)

We still have water.

I took my car by the dealer for an estimate. $901. Ick. It's just the body fascia, but he also included the turn signal in the estimate. Which only makes sense if there are attachment thingies broken loose. It's staying in just fine, now that I've tucked it back, and it operates correctly.

If the guy's insurance covers the damage, I may still have to find a lower estimate. Always best to start at the top, eh?

I stopped by Knight's to watch Buffy and Angel. I let the dogs out long enough for Flood to give up her "let me back in immediately" position on the steps. After a yummy lunch of leftovers, I've got 30 minutes before I need to leave for the allergist's office.

The windchill advisory said to check on the elderly, so I called up my father-in-law. He got a chuckle out of that, and told me to watch it: I'll get myself in trouble. I said he must not be elderly, if he decided to walk to the bank yesterday. He lives in a hilly neighborhood, so unless he's thinking of a different bank, that's a hike.

Flar's working out everyday. And I haven't even started climbing stairs again. I am a naturally lazy person. (Think the same voice that Freda uses in Peanuts -- I have naturally curly hair. Woo, points for me for remembering her name. Points off for being wimpy enough to check before posting.)

Email didn't take long, so I'll try live journal. ;)
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