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Private School Education

Jessamine County - closed, announced before 11:30pm last night
Fayette County - closed
The Lexington School - one hour delay

I swear, I am just too sleepy to hear the closings on the radio. Got up late. Wandered in to feed the dogs. Vaguely remembered hearing closings that affected us. Called the school. Looked up the rest of the school closings online.

According to the National Weather Service Climate Report, we got 2 inches of snow yesterday in Lexington. Looks like whatever fell after midnight added to the count, but not by a lot.

I"m officially Up Early. The dogs are a fed, and there's a timer to remind me to let them in. The sheets basket is empty huzzah!
I've still got an additional load of whites to do (spare mattress pad), and hey, I might even do some of the delicates...

I planned on waking the boys at 7:30am: Critter came down on his own, and I hear Tigger moving around. I'll be making French Toast, the official breakfast of snow days. They get to wear jeans to school. My jeans are icey cold -- they spent the night up against the vent in the dryer. Critter is wearing his normal khaki cargo pants. "Jeans don't have pockets."

Conditions reported at 7:11 am: 7°F / -14°C Light Snow

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