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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Going to bed
16°F / -9°C Light Snow (as of 11:16)

Jessamine County Schools are closed tomorrow, but no word about Fayette County or TLS, so I assume they are in session.

Shamelessly leaving the bowling forms until the morning, in case Fayette County closes school.

I've washed and dried all of this week's laundry, except the sheets that Wolf and I used on Saturday. Left to fold are my clothes, towels, and a bunch of sheets. But everything's sorted out, and the boys have folded and put away all of their clothes.

  • Check for School Closings
  • Feed the dogs
  • Feed the boys
  • Print bowling forms
  • Drive the boys to school
  • Drive to bowling
  • clip coupons before the bowling alley opens -- coming from school, I get there early
  • bowl
  • deposit bowling fees
  • get an estimate on repairing my bumper
  • get re-tested at the allergist -- discuss blood pressure vis-a-vis allergy meds
  • Date Night with Knight

To bed in time to read a bit.