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I'm staring at a mountain of everything to do. Hard to pick.

Someone on my friend's list has starting writing fantasy journal entries. Journals which chronicle the daily activities of the life she fantisizes. I think this is an interesting exercise in looking at you really want out of life. I was surprised that her first entry of this nature seemed so attainable.

And then I realized. Often, when I type out lists and plan what I'll do the next day, I'm writing my fantasy journal.

And sometimes, I live parts of my fantasies. :)

So I tackled the largest, in physical volume of my mountains, today, while also giving a nod to time constraints. I'm having Nurse over for dinner and it's likely to snow tonight AND the temperature is expected to plummet.

So far, I've:
  • assembled the Ham and Swiss Casserole, ready to bake tonight.
  • sorted the clothes on top of the jacuzzi
  • washed & dried whites
  • washed & drying colors
  • washing sweaters and fleece
  • packed Flar's bag for him
  • had a nice lunch
  • added a link to my memories to my friends view

Tonight, I'll:
  • get Critter to do dishes
  • get Tigger to rinse recycling
  • hand-wash the rest
  • wash the rest of the laundry
  • get bowling forms ready
  • visit with Nurse

And now it's time to take Flar to the airport.

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