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G'nite all

Gotta make this short -- phone call with Wolf awaits me.

Dinner was yummy. Caught up on Live Journal. Shooed the kids to bed. Created a style to edit for my friends view - check it out: now I have a weather update whenever I'm reading my friends page. Handy in the winter.

Thanks, Cassie, for the idea.

I forgot to mention that while I was out today, I went by Claire's and bought photo inserts for wallets. I have a leather "pocket briefcase" that I have them slipped into right now, but I'm thinking of designing "photo album" covers to hold them.

I'm bringing all of my photos of Roo with me to Louisville next week, so that Angela can tell me which were taken when. I'll put them in order, and when I get home, print an index to slip into the back, for reference. I'm going to start keeping the boys' school pictures this way, too. Wonder how many years I still have wallet photos for...

G'night all.

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