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MLKjr Day

Flar came home Saturday night announcing to the boys "I'll bet there's no school tomorrow". He'd forgotten we get an extra snow day today, too. ;)

I slept until noon. I think part of my headaches have been lack of sleep, so I made up for it while I had the opportunity. The other factor appears to be my blood pressure, which is still kind of high, so I've stopped taking my Duratuss, which can raise blood pressure. I'm have an appointment with my allergist on Thursday, so I can talk to him then about approaches to allergy management that don't affect my blood pressure.

After I got up and had a breakfasty lunch (Lucky Charms, followed by Brie and crackers), I sat down and updated the chess database, created the roster for the next tournament, and sent S an email version of what I sent her in the mail on Saturday, with a view notes. Then I wrote the next update hand-out and sent some email to Coach.

Critter's been watching more Star Trek. After By Any Other Name, I asked him to go upstairs and work on cleaning his room awhile.

I've gotten up-to-date on Live Journal, so after I finish this and write a review of Kushiel's Dart for 50bookchallenge, I'll get back to where I left off on cleaning the house on Friday.

My piercings are healing fine. No pain, swelling or redness, and minimal crusting. It's weird to sleep in a bra, though.

I talked to Turnip today. He's in the midst of moving. I got his new address, though, and we're going to talk again on Wednesday. When Knight and I are out in CA, we should be able to visit and see his new place. He's renting a house in Brisbane, which is a small community just south of San Francisco.

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