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Anniversary Weekend

The anniversary of the day that Wolf gave me my collar is January 1st. It's not unusual for us to have to celebrate our anniversary on a different date, especially those years when I travel with Flar and the kids, to see my parents.

This weekend was the first time that was reasonable to celebrate our anniversary. My present to Wolf was a cute little clock shaped like a champagne bottle in an ice bucket. I thought it was neat because of the traditional connection between New Year's and champagne.

Wolf's present to me this year was a Significant gift. He paid for me to have my nipples pierced. This is something that I'd decided years ago that I would want to do. Two years ago I had a "granularity" on my mammogram and had to have a stereotactic biopsy which fortunately showed there was nothing to worry about. But that got me rather nervous about messing with my breasts. Two years later, I've had all normal follow-up mammograms, and I guess I was ready.

So this was a big weekend.

Friday afternoon, I ended up running chess club without Coach. One of the other moms has been coming pretty predictably, and she was there most of the time, so that made it pretty easy. I got kids pinned down on the tournament next weekend, and managed to get all the kids checked out and the equipment stored away by 5:20pm.

After school, we cleaned house. I put Tigger on the family room, Critter on the kitchen table, and I took the top of the jacuzzi. In exchange for cleaning the family room, I told Tigger he could have the couch for the weekend, to build a fort. I didn't finish folding and putting away the laundry, but I did get a few sets of sheets folded and ready to put away as scrap fabric, and I toted a basket of my (unfolded clothes) to the bedroom. I changed the sheets on my bed, and I cleared off my bedside table. I also put away some of the stuff that was on the massage table, and kid of organized the rest of it. I put together some stuff to send home for Sydb, and I even remembered to wrap Wolf's present. In between, I also ran a few more loads of sheets that have been backing up in the laundry room.

But I forgot to mess with the chess tournament roster until Wolf was already here. And of course, everything took longer than it should.

I couldn't find the paper entry form that S wanted (rather than accepting email entries), so I was going to have to print another copy. But the form was a Word document, which I have on my laptop, courtesy of Daddy, and not on the kitchen computer. It took me a little bit to save to a format that was readable on the other mac, and still looked right.

Then I went to connect to the other computer (the one connected to the printer), and time stood still. Something was wrong with my ethernet connection, so that I could see the other mac on Appletalk, but connecting to it slowed my mac down to molasses. As a sanity check, TCP/IP couldn't even see the router.

So I tried one more time to find the form I already had, and found it stapled into the stuff related to last week's tournament. Sigh. Then it took some time for me to get all the information I needed actually written down. Wolf was sweet and patient. And he even helped once I was filling in the form, looking up numbers and ratings for me in the copy of the database that's in the kitchen.

We finally got to bed.

Now, usually when Wolf comes here to visit, Sydb comes too. They haven't come to stay overnight since Roo was born, what with first getting used to taking care of her, and then me having lots of opportunities to get to Louisville, and then the holidays filling up the weekends. But weather kind of interfered, and a Check Engine light in Wolf and Sydb's car, and she decided to stay home with Roo, rather than chance being stranded on the freeway in such cold weather, with a baby in the car.

Now, I'm in a relationship with both of them, and really I enjoy having them both here. It's especially better for Wolf, and he gets to be with both the women he loves, and not be expending energy in thinking about the one who's not there, etc.

But this is the anniversary of the D/s relationship between Wolf and me, and Sydb doesn't really claim a piece of that. I mean, I sometimes enjoy serving both of them in little ways, like when I help clean the house, or when we're at a party, and I offer to fix plates for each of them. But that's the domestic homey kind of wifely stuff that Sydb can relate to. She doesn't dominate me, in the more intense ways that Wolf does. I'm Wolf's pet.

So it was a really special gift for Sydb to give the two of us this time to celebrate together, and be able to focus on just us. Thank you, Sydb!

No details on bed, except to say that we got some sleep in between waking each other up. And I'd say that we took full advantage of the rather rare treat of sleeping together, just the two of us.

We got up at 7 Saturday morning, which gave us time to:
  • shower
  • strip the bed
  • wake Tigger
  • (Tigger fed the dogs)
  • have breakfast
  • make the bed
before we left to take Tigger to the bowling alley.

Tigger bowled 66 and 65 while Wolf and I played chess and watched him bowl. Wolf beat me, but I played pretty well in the first game. I resigned the second game when it became clear that my brain was starting to hurt. ;)

Flar got home while we were at the bowling alley, and called to let me know he was there. And to ask me to pick up a prescription for him on our way home. By the time we left the bowling alley, my lack of sleep was starting to catch up with me, and I was getting one of those lack of sleep headaches. So Wolf drove to CVS and then home.

I checked in on Flar, but he was still sleeping off his red-eye flight. Wolf and I split a can of soup and then went upstairs to nap. We didn't get much sleep, but it was rest time, and good cuddle time. We also took this opportunity for Wolf to take "before" pictures.

We were just deciding that naptime was over and that it was time to head over to Electric Art Tattoo, when Tigger came asking for help getting Critter to play with him. Flar had gotten up, snacked, and laid back down for more nap himself. I told Critter he was in charge of Tigger while we were out, and to please play with him awhile.

Electric Art Tattoo is a very neat, clean shop, in a strip center behind the center with Zany Brainy and Funcoland in it. And not even a word from Wolf suggesting we check out games before we go home. ;) The shop has a waiting room, and a number of procedure rooms with narrow walls that don't reach quite to the ceiling. When we got there, there was a couple in one of the rooms, getting tattooed.

Last time I was there, was when I got my second pair of earlobe piercings, over 2 years ago. The woman who pierced my ears doesn't work there anymore, but I liked the man who was doing body piercings today. He was very professional, careful in his sterile field procedures, and in cleanup. He copied my id and had me sign a consent form, and answered what few questions I could think up, having gotten most of my questions answered before we came. He gave me my "care and feeding" instructions, and sea salt, before we got started. Which Wolf held for me.

Last time I was there, I sat in a chair, and Turnip stood in the room, watching. This time, I lay on a table, and Wolf sat by the table, holding my hand. While he was setting out his tools, he glanced over at me to judge the gauge for the piercing, then opened this huge drawer (picture the ones at fabric stores, that hold patterns), and plucked out the right size. He cleaned my nipples, then he marked the entry/exit positions for the piercings on each nipple with gentian. After that, I got to get up and check them out in the mirror, to make sure they looked okay to me.

He was very matter of fact and gentle in handling my nipples. The next step was the forceps. The forceps were a different shape for this piercing, than for the last. For my earlobes, she'd used forceps with a rectangular opening. The forceps that he used were triangular. They didn't pinch nearly as much as I expected they would.

After he put the forceps on, he picked up the needle. At this point, I was content not to watch. I figured that if I watched, I'd flinch or clinch at the wrong moment. Instead, he told me when to take a deep breath, and when to blow out. Yes, it hurt. But it was over very quickly, and may but the rush of endorphins was intense. Whatever it was I said, the couple next door must have thought I'd come, because they called over the wall something like "you go girl."

Next came the ring. I got a little flushed, so he turned the fan on for me. Since I wanted to lay still a bit longer before sitting up to lie the other direction on the bed, he went ahead and added the captured ball, bending the ring to hold the ball in place. Messing with the ring wasn't too bad, but it was a relief when he was done. By then I felt I was okay to sit up and rotate.

The second piercing went about the same, except that he didn't need as much fussing to get the ball on the ring. And then we were through. He gave us his business card and a sticker for Electric Art Tattoo, Wolf paid him, and we went home. Wolf drove.

So far, the only really intense pain was the piercing itself. The amount of pressure exerted by my Decent Exposures Bra isn't even to be painful. I'm avoiding letting myself get cold, though, because the clinching up is uncomfortable.

It turns out that Wolf had given me the lion's share of the soup, so we ended up having a second lunch when we got home. I wanted chicken and dumplings, and Wolf had never tasted my chicken and dumplings, so I gave him a spoonful of mine. He liked it, and fixed a bowl for himself.

After we ate, I called up Knight to see if we could go over there and watch Jimmy Neutron. He said sure, and we headed over there, with the kids. Flar had made separate dinner plans with D & G. When we got to Knight's, he was playing GTA: Vice City. When he got to a stopping point, we watched the movie. Knight got a call from work and had to leave before the movie was over, but we stayed and watched to the end.

Ro got home from a grocery run before the movie was over, so we stuck around to visit with her, and then left when after Knight got home, and gaming was getting started. On our way out, Wolf played a game of air hockey with Critter, and beat him by only a couple of points. I think he was surprised at how well Critter played. ;)

When we got home, I went to lay down, as my head was pounding again. Wolf made Zatarain's chicken creole for dinner, while Critter was watching Star Trek tapes. He watched I, Mudd, and then The Trouble with Tribbles. By then, I had gotten up and joined them in the kitchen (drawn by the smell of yummy food). I suggested putting in the tape Knight made me, of Deep Space Nine's Trials and Tribbleations.

After that was over, Flar came downstairs from his phone call with Gaucha, and watched Not Another Teen Movie with us. I slept through the tail end of the movie, and then I was restless, trying to get to sleep upstairs.

This morning we woke in time for a shower and breakfast before Wolf had to leave. And decided to set the alarm for later, instead. We got up with enough time for Wolf to dress and get his things from the kitchen and jacuzzi room, and go. I crawled into bed with Flar and tried to get back to sleep. I've been fighting a headache all day, though, and I finally got up and had some breakfast, hoping that would calm it down. I fed the dogs, then woke the boys and went back to bed.

Flar and I read the Sunday paper together, and decided on our plan for the day. Which plan left just enough time for me to bathe before going out. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut, then went over to Bébé's house to visit awhile. After that, we met Ro and Knight at the Reel Deal for a matinee showing of Kangaroo Jack.

At home after the movie, we all vegged and ate dinner separately. Flar fixed my ethernet connection, and decided that hub is going bad. He's going to get a new one, and wants to get wireless capability on it. He says he can call it a Woodstream expense. I caught up on email and live journal, Tigger rebuilt his couch fort, and Critter played on his computer. I think Flar spent the rest of the evening upstairs on email, and everyone has gone to bed before I've finished with this update.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, and there's no school.

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