Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Snowy day wrapup

I got to school with time to knit and listen to WVLK. And decided to call in a snow team report, since it was starting to come down. It was kind of weird - the roads were clear driving to school, but there was tiny snow in the air. Which looked like a frozen fog, really. The flakes gradually got bigger as I approached school, and then turned into snowglobe flakes while I sat in line.

The snow team reports on road conditions and store inventories, and the radio starting taking reports yesterday, sort of as a jibe at the weathermen who get so gung-ho about storms. The weather advisories kept delaying the onset of the storm, such that it looked like it wouldn't ever get around to it. But I called because I thought the main problem during drive-time traffic would be the same as posd by fog: reduced visibility. Combine that with slick streets, and tada.

I got home safely with the boys. Driving through the school neighborhood, the main roads were clear, and the side streets and parking lots were already white. Once I got onto the freeway, the road was white in that pattern formed by heavy traffic, with snow ghosts weaving over the surface. Critter calls the low-level whirling snow snakes, and Tigger calls them shadows. Ever watched how they move shadows in some animations?

Anyway, the drive home was about normal, until I got past South Point, and things started slowing a bit. By the time I passed the dragstrip, traffic was almost stopped. I stayed in the left lane, since I wanted to slow almost to a stop before venturing into the whited out center turn lane. I stopped as far back as I thought would still trigger the sensor, in case of cars sliding through intersections. The intersection of Nicholasville and Vince and Catnip is sort of a saddle shape. There's a hill to the south, a gradual incline to the and east, and flat to the west. It's easy to build up speed coming aound the corner from Nicholasville (to the south) and find yourself unable to stop for the light when the street is slick. I have AntiLock Brakes on my car. I realize that if they kick in, that it means I wouldn't have been stopping with regular brakes -- that I'd probably already be sliding. But it's still disconcerting to have the car not stop when you tell it too, and feel it pumping away at the brakes. Fortunately, the two times this happened today, I had snow day stopping distance in front of me, and there were no mishaps.

Instead of dropping salt on Vince, or maybe in addition to it, they drop cinders. I could tell that there was already a layer under the snowfall, But I didn't push my luck around any of the corners. I got just the right amount of braking out of the uphill before my driveway, and was able to turn in without the shudder of ABS.

I left the garage door open, and the lights on for Knight. At home, I called him to see if he was up yet, and asked if he could pick up dinner. We agreed on Schlotzsky's (funny name, serious sandwiches -- the only people who get me to eat black olives on purpose). Then I updated the chess database and did the calling I needed to do.

A little later Knight called to tell me he'd be a little late. There was an accident that had traffic on Nicholasville Road tied up from just north of Vince all the way to New Circle, and estimates of two to three hour delays. So he drove Tates Creek to Union Mill to the other end of Vince, instead. Kind of twisty country roads for a snowy night, but he made it here safely.

We watched Pluto Nash and ate Schlotzsky's and oranges and cookies and played with the dogs and the kids. I played chess with Tigger -- with him moving all the pieces, and me using old-fashioned notation cause it involves less counting. He got bored with the game, but it was intriguing, because we're both conservative players, so there's all these battles on the board that aren't being started... We might continue tomorrow.

Knight had to leave early as he's driving some people to work tonight, and I've decided not to bother with folding laundry until tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to carry the recycling bin to the curb -- Timothy got it filled, at least -- and turn in. I have to get up in time for school, as I won't know until tomorrow whether it's in session.

Tomorrow -- Plan A:
  • take the kids to school
  • watch Angel at Knight's on the way home
  • fold laundry
  • make the master bed with new sheets and clear off the massage table
  • vaccuum the master bedroom and Lincoln room
  • print sign-out sheets and Update Hand-out for chess club
  • chess club
  • home: miscellaneous cleaning while waiting for Wolf and Sydb

Plan B involves school being cancelled, and not bothering to go over to Knight's. Which may mean more cleaning happens, or may mean more sleeping happens. And no chess club, so more phoning.

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