Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A great day so far

It's been a busy day so far:
  • fed dogs
  • woke kids
  • printed bowling forms
  • drove kids to school
  • filled up the car
  • bought Wolf's Bday present
  • went back home for the bowling forms
  • bowled
  • picked up some staples at Sam's, including Milk and Bread
  • deposited a credit line check to keep us afloat until money comes in
  • put away the food
  • ate lunch
  • read email

It's supposed to snow, but the predicted accumulation has dropped from "3 to 6" down to "1 to 3" inches, so it sounds like it'll just be pretty. I hope there's still enough to sled on. And it appears quite likely it won't start until after I've got the kids home from school. My favorite kind of snow. ;)

Bowling was great this morning! I bowled 147, 156 and 175. My average is 138, so that's fantastic. We took 3 out of 4 points, and are now in the lead in this league by 6 points. Woo hoo!

Even though we're broke right now, I'm in a good mood because I conquered a slew of paperwork last night. And now I'm about to tackle the chess paperwork, so I can do phone calling after school. Go me.

Knight said he was coming over tonight as long as he could get out of his driveway when he wakes up. Looks like that won't be a problem. If the snow holds out long enough, I'm going to see if I can get him to bring carry-out for dinner so I don't have to cook. We're planning to watch Pluto Nash while I fold clothes. A domestic date night.

Flar decided to drive himself to the airport, since he's not sure how long his last meeting of the day will run. Which greatly simplifies Saturday, since I don't have run across town from the bowling alley to pick him up. Critter will like this, since it means he can sleep in, instead of going to the bowling alley with us.

Flar's next trip to Brazil is January 31. I'm hoping to be able to finish Gaucha's present by then.

And now, to work.

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