Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


Rummage, rummage, I had a list somewhere...

  • pick up my car
  • finish the laundry
  • update the checkbook register
  • post bills
  • pay bills?
  • start working on filing

The evening's still young, so there should be time enough to:
  • update the checkbook
  • post the bills (there's really only a small handful of them, even if I have been avoiding them)
  • put off the medical bills until Friday, when i can make phone calls about them
  • put off filing until Friday
  • sneak in Laundry tomorrow night: folding clothes goes with movies on date night, right?
  • dump pictures off the camera and format the other cards for Flar to take to CA
  • update the bowling records and print out records slips
  • quit out of Eudora, the seductress, and get my head into the books

Sigh. I took a time-out today. After I ate breakfast and read today's paper, when I went off in search of paperwork, I found the Sunday paper and sat down with it. I also decided to count out pills for the week. Then I decided to read email before getting started on the paperwork, and then Flar took me to get my car.

While I was out, I picked up stuff at CVS, picked up Flar's shirts at the laundry, and deposited a check for Flar. Errands are a part of my job description as housewife. ;)

When I got back home, it was past time for lunch. By the time I was finished with lunch, I didn't want to get into paperwork only to leave, so I sat down and caught up on live journal, instead.

It's not that I work better with a deadline, it's that I'm lazy and like to do relaxing things rather than work, and only get going when I realize I'm running out of time to goof off. So tonight I'll do what I listed, and that will hopefully leave enough time on Friday to clean the master bedroom and Lincoln room for Wolf and Sydb to visit.

Looks like tomorrow's snow will come late enough that it won't interfere with my planned runs to Sam's (for chicken, vegetables and spaghetti sauce) and Wal-Mart (for undershirts for Timothy) after bowling.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll need to update the chess database and do the calling for the next tournament. Then I can verify things on Friday at chess club, and send out a completed roster on Saturday.

Busy, busy, busy. It does help to write it out, here.

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