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Today's Update

I haven't actually read my friends page since Saturday evening. I've decided to prioritize online time: (1) update journal (2) read email and (3) read friends page. When it gets busy, reading live journal takes a hit.

The Stampin' Up party was fun last night. I like going to these because we get to make things. This time, we made a greeting card and a picture frame. I ordered gold embossing powder and a set of stamps that are mostly star shaped splashes, and a saying "Thinking of you is something nice I do for myself." Ooh, ooh, and I won the door prize: a little smiley face sun stamp. I'm planning on using the splash stamps to make seal on certificates.

The party ended too late to leave time to drive over to Wolf and Sydb's. So I sent hugs home via Sydb, and drove home with Ro. It was nice having Ro in the car, because the trip goes faster when there's someone to talk to. Wolf sent Ro cookbooks and me a loaf of banana nut bread. When we stopped at Ro's, she gave me the sequel to the book I'm reading, and the second of my two books that I'm planning to loan Sydb. And I checked in with Knight about meeting me at Mook's to have my brakes checked.

When I got home, I slipped into bed with Flar, a bottle of water and a slice of nummy yummy banana nut bread.

This morning it snowed. Only light flurries, but it was cold enough to stick, and the roads were a little slick: about like the first rain in a while. I ran a little late getting to Mook's, but Knight was there to drive me to bowling.

We were playing the best team in the league today, so we really didn't expect to do well. But they were a little off in their first game, Knight bowled a 163 and I bowled a 162, so we held our own. Grace wasn't making her average in that game, though, and it ended up coming down to the last frame. I needed to spare and bowl 6 or better, to win, and I did spare, and I bowled 7, so we ended up winning by 1 pin. They then proceeded to cream us by 135 pins in the next game, and took the last one by a smaller margin. But the first game was worth waking up today. :)

After bowling, Knight drove me to Sam's, CVS, the allergist and Kroger. My doctor wants me to start taking calcium and magnesium supplements. CVS didn't have the type he'd ordered, so they've ordered them for me, and I'm going back tomorrow. But while I was there, I found pony tail holders to make a lanyard for Coach, and a cute something for Sydb. At the allergist, I made an appointment to get re-tested next week. That ought to be tons of fun, laying on an exam table on new piercings, to have my back pricked 39 times. At Kroger, we sat in the parking lot for me to rummage for coupons before I shopped. I found a coupon for Viactive, and bought caramel flavored calcium supplements. I had one with dinner, and it was yummy. The rest of the grocery run was just stuff we were out of, since we haven't sat down and planned menus this week.

After that, I dropped Knight off so that he could sleep, and he let me keep his car for the rest of the day. I had just enough time at home to unload all the groceries, put away the cold stuff, make myself lunch, and leave for carline.

When we got home, Tigger kept me company in the kitchen while I made chicken and dumplings for dinner. It turned out to be a great ratio of meat to dumplings to carrots tonight. I put in all the rest of our chicken, which was two pounds of boneless pieces; one pound of carrots; one onion; a generous dollop of garlic; three lumps of boullion powder (it's near the bottom, and clumping); and made dumplings starting with a cup of butter flavored shortening. By the time the dumplings had cooked, and I'd put the chicken back in, it was thick enough that I didn't bother with adding cream soup. Just added swirl of worchestershire sauce and let it simmer until Tigger was done with his homework.

We ate without waiting for Flar to get home from late meetings, which was good, since he ended up having a dinner meeting, and came home filled up on hot brown and brownie sundae. He called me when he was 10 minutes away, and met me at Knight's house, so I could return the car in plenty of time for Knight to go to work tonight.

Now I'm staying warm under the laptop in between dealing with laundry, until my phone call with Wolf tonight.

While we ate dinner, we watched a DVD of Spongebob Squarepants that Kittybane gave Tigger for Christmas. It was a fun cartoon, but easy to leave to work on laundry or return car, for instance.

  • pick up my car
  • finish the laundry
  • update the checkbook register
  • post bills
  • pay bills?
  • start working on filing

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