Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Lazy Sunday and Busy Monday

Well, kind of.

I didn't so much sleep in yesterday, as wake up with an icky headache and stayed in bed until it ebbed. Flar brought me breakfast in bed, and I continued reading Kushiel's Dart. I moved from bed to bath, and then had a nice lazy bath.

By the time I got out of the bath, a snack was in order. Then I took the lights off the Christmas tree. Sometime this week, I need to pack up the Christmas candles, and arrange the crystal pryamid centerpiece.

Flar fixed dinner, and we watched movies. While the boys were awake, we watched UHF, one of Tigger's Christmas presents. The commentary for the deleted scenes is fun. Then, after the kids had gone to bed, and Flar was downstairs for the evening, we watched Jerry McGuire. It was a pretty strange movie, really, but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see Tom Cruise in a roll where he's not on top of his game.

I kept drowsing in my chair, but when we went to bed, I had trouble going to sleep. Go figure.

We're running out of food, and I won't be able to go grocery shopping until tomorrow. No milk in the fridge, so I made banana pancakes for breakfast, and we used the last of the maple syrup. After Flar left with the kids, and I'd done both crosswords, I showered, then tackled the mail. I made a pile for Critter, a pile for Flar, a pile of bills & related stuff, and a pile of other stuff to do/put away.

By then it was time for lunch. I made a few phone calls: my brakes appear to be making the squeaky time-to-replace noise, so I called Knight, to see whether he could give me a ride Tuesday or Thursday, then Mooks to see when I could bring it in - Tuesday, then forgot to call back Knight. Oops. I'll talk to him tonight, I guess. I called Ro to see if we could drive her car after all, but Flar says it's okay to drive my car to Louisville, so I won't worry about it.

Then I left with enough time to go to the bank, then my Gynecologist's office. I made a loan payment, cashed my tobacco check (the one for no longer not selling it -- I should try to explain that in another post) , and then headed to the Women's Center.

Which moved to the Central Baptist Hospital office building. Ah, it wasn't just the Imaging Center that moved. Drove to the hospital and dropped my car at the curb, where they have free valet parking. And then I got distracted by seeing Dr. B in the lobby. He was my first OB/Gyn with Critter, until I was diagnosed diabetic, then got shifted to Dr. K. Dr. B used to practice in the UK HMO program. Now he's joined the practice that my current doctor is in. We've also both got kids at the Lexington School, which is more likely why he recognized me. But the distraction served to help me forgot to check where Dr. H's office was, and I misremembered which floor I'd gone to, to get my mammogram. It turns out the Imaging Center is on the 5th Floor, the Women's Care Center practice is on the 4th Floor, and I tried the 3rd from memory (well, it was an odd number, at least). Sigh. Once I got to the right office, I got chucked back to the business office for her to enter my new insurance information in the computer, then I waited a short amount of time to see the doctor.

My blood pressure was high. I'd been rejected once by the blood center last year for high blood pressure, and this would probably explain some of the headaches I've been getting. Anyway, Dr. H took me off the pill. He recommends that either Flar or I get fixed for long-term birth control, now. That'll be an interesting discussion. Dr. H also recommended regular exercise and magnesium for my mood swings. I'm wondering how much going off the pill will affect them, too.

Other than high blood pressure, I checked out okay. And left the office right about 3, which put me in carline about 10 minutes before the kids showed up.

Tonight, I'm driving Ro to Sydb's mom's house tonight for the Stampin' Up party. (Which is why I cashed that check -- Flar already labeled it blow money, and I'm going to use it on Stampin' Up supplies.) Before I leave, I've got just enough time to download email, and skim it live journal.

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