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Catching my Breath

It's been a busy few days, thus I haven't had time to read, much less write. Maybe I should try writing before I read. ;)

It's a sign I've been busy when I have to write out three lj-cuts, just to break up the post into the days since I've written.

Tuesday morning, before I fixed the boys breakfast, I finished Q is for Quarry. Then I bowled for the first time in two weeks. My first game was great - I bowled a 160, and we took that game. I bowled 126 for the next two games (my average on Tuesday is 139), and we ended up taking only the one point. After bowling, I went to Sam's Club, the allergist, and Kroger before going home. I fixed myself a nice healthy lunch, but then after lunch I didn't have enough time/energy to do more than catch up on email and start to read live journal.

Tuesday evening, I fixed fajitas for dinner, and after dinner did half the calling for the next chess tournament, while making chocolate cookies for Flar. Yummy.

Then I had a nice long phone call with Wolf, while I sorted clothes, started the laundry, and gave the first run-through at tidying the master bathroom and jacuzzi room. Phone call progressed up to my locked room upstairs for privacy, and ended in bed with chocolate chip cookies and banana bread and milk. It'd been too long since we could just talk and talk, and it showed.

I made a deal on Tuesday night with Flar that if he cleaned the kitchen, I'd wash the hand-wash in the morning. He defined wiping down the countertops as part of doing the hand-wash. Grrr. His justification is that I always do a more thorough job of wiping down the counters, so he'd rather I do it. So I started the laundry going, with a thought to getting the first load into the dryer and getting the dishes washed, before going over to Knight's to watch Buffy.

But I am more thorough than Flar at wiping down the counters. By the time the dryer buzzed on the second load of laundry, I'd cleaned the microwave and toaster over, the countertops, the stovetop, the cabinet doors (only the ones below the counter - they get lots of drips during normal cooking in our house), and of course, the hand-wash. I gave Knight I call when I was getting close, and found out that he really needed to sleep, so postponed Buffy til Friday. Then I sat down and fixed a nice lunch for Flar and I. After lunch, I got sleepy again and vegged out in front of the laptop.

After I brought the boys home from school, I went back out on a couple of bank errands. Flood had just traipsed through the whole house looking for me (up in Flar's office, getting checks and a deposit slip), so I took her with me. The first bank was out of dog treats, but the second bank gave me one. Flood doesn't get a lot of cartrips. She used to get car-sick, and now she can go on short trips without problems, so I'm trying to get her used to going to more places than the vet.

Dinner last night was baked chicken (pieces, rolled in seasoned bread crumbs), macaroni and cheese and teriyaki vegetables. Flar told me this came close to a "Mother meal" referring to how many dishes his mother would ordinarily fix for a dinner, and the fact that we often make do with one-dish dinners. I preened. After dinner, I finished up the chess tournament calling, made out a roster to send to the organizer, and then fell prey to a crashingly sudden headache. Maybe it was something in the teriyaki sauce? Whatever, it came on fast. I showered before bed, and lay down with cookies and banana nut bread and milk before sleep, and it ebbed enough for sleep.

This morning, there was still an edge of a headache when I got up, but it never quite sprang back into a headache.

I'd never gotten the bowling paperwork back from Prez, so I had double duty at the alley today, but it was pretty straight-forward. One of our members is having to quit bowling, as she has a pinched nerve in her back. Ouch. On Thursdays, my team is in first place. We took all four points today. I won the second one for us by 1 pin, by bowling a 9 after a strike. It's a good thing I didn't have to pick up the spare, since I didn't. That was the only game in which I broke my average, but at my team-mates took up the slack.

By leaving the recap sheets to be turned in by the last team to finish bowling, I was able to bowl and still leave in plenty of time to deposit the fees, drive to Spydie's office, and even talk to Wolf for a bit before it was time for me to pick up Spydie. We went out to lunch at Chili's. I always order the southwest egg rolls, and they were yummy as usual. We talked about the kids and books we're reading and work and chess and band and vacations. And touched, really just a little, on the original pretext of lunch, which was to talk about bipolar and mood swings and therapy. Spydie loaned me a book on bipolar and I'm going to read that to learn more. It was good to get together and talk. And we're really going to see each other more often than once a year. Honest.

After lunch, I had time to veg with the laptop awhile, then went to pick up the boys. Tigger helped me make beef stroganoff and mac n cheese and glazed carrots for dinner. We didn't put enough water in the carrots, so they got scorched, and we had smokey glazed carrots. Not too bad, although I prefer the honey to the maple syrup flavors -- Tigger put in both.

Knight came over tonight for date night, which we shared with the rest of the family and my laptop -- where I was doing more updating and fiddling with the chess stuff. Tomorrow I'll make certificates for the boys that were in the Beren tournament, to make up for their giving out prizes instead of trophies. We watched XXX and much of the extra material on the DVD tonight. I really like the idea of a new secret agent that doesn't drink or smoke, and is very athletic. It was fun to watch again.

Meanwhile, in the time I've been home and awake, I've gotten all the clothes through the laundry to the sorted-and-ready-to-fold stage, with one set of ready-to-fold going upstairs already, and more waiting. At this point, I'm tackling all the sheets that are waiting to be washed. Some are old that need to be put away with scrap cloth, some are new, and some are extra sheets from other parts of the house. I've also got gentle cycle stuff to deal with, but I'm putting it off another week.

  1. Clean the kitchen while the boys eat breakfast.
  2. Watch Buffy with Knight.
    • Make certificates for Chess
    • print out the roster for chess club tomorrow
    • ooh, ooh, add the active field as a date field and mark the latest date kids have been to chess club, from the check-in sheets that I have.
  3. Fold laundry
  4. Get to Chess Club early, with the equipment bag
  5. Email and fax the updates to J. after chess club
  6. sweet-talk Flar into making dinner

And now for sleep.

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