Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Ramping Up

I made two round trips up the stairs today. One to wake the boys, and one to show Tigger's clean room to Bébé.

I drank lots of milk today. Milk is filling. It really helps to keep me from eating larger portions of the other stuff.

I had fruit and vegetables with lunch.

I got the groceries purchased and put away. But I didn't open a single piece of mail.

I spent much of the day reading Q, and reading email, and updating the chess database.

I made potato soup for dinner tonight. It was yummy and thick and made leftovers.

I went to the pharamacy twice, because I failed to ask Flar if he needed anything. Went back for his prescriptions after I picked up the boys.

Read myself to sleep instead of the boys. ;) But that meant there was time for them to shower before bed.

Woke up a bit after that for more email, and live journal and a bunch of IM and phone calls.

Oh, and a really cool thing happened today! I found out that belmikey is here. Thank you, envoy for luring him into replying to you. :)

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