Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A Lazy Day

I slept in today - didn't get out bed until after noon. When I got up, Flar was in his office and the boys were awake in Tigger's room, watching MIB II. We got the boys to let the dogs out, then Flar and I had breakfast (more banana nut bread, mmmm and the leftover sausage gravy and biscuits) and read the Sunday paper while the boys finished their movie upstairs.

I kind of dawdled over breakfast, then talked to Flar about meals for the next week. I was going to go to the grocery, but first I wanted a shower, and then Flar had made lunch, and then I decided I wanted to catch up on email and live journal before going out, and next thing you know it's dark. And I just wasn't feeling all that motivated anyway.

In email, I got my first response back on the chess tournament stuff, so I added in fields for the upcoming tournaments, to start keeping track. I feel much more prepared for making phone calls Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

For dinner, we had Hamburger Helper Beef Strogranoff. A family stand-by. After dinner, we killed out appetites for dessert by watching the Iron Chef gut an anglerfish and do enormously Japanese things to it. It's a good thing they have Japanese judges, cause ew, I just wouldn't want to taste most of the stuff he or his challenger made.

As an odd coincidence, Kinsey is avoiding organ meat in the current volume of the Sue Grafton series. If it weren't for her peanut butter and pickles sandwiches, I'd say we have similar tastes. :)

I've started reading aloud to the kids again. We finished Chapter VI of Through the Looking Glass tonight, with the story of The Walrus and the Carpenter. There's a lot of verse scattered throughout this book, and it's not really engaging the boys as well as Tolkein and Lewis did. I'm thinking of reading the Baum series next.

canuckgirl posted about a new community, 50bookchallenge, tonight. I decided to join and keep track of the books I read this year. 50 books seems like an easy goal.

The kids went to bed ontime tonight, but Tigger came downstairs to complain that he could hear the movie we're watching (The Pelican Brief). I'll check that they're both asleep before I turn in myself.

Six o'clock is going to come far too early in the morning, I fear.

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