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Just checked to see when I last updated, and I laugh at the notion that I would get to bed at a reasonable hour Friday night.

The trip home was uneventful. The new security measures were in place, as regards examining checked baggage. (I supposed we can now be accurate when we called it checked, eh?) Since we were carrying three boxes of computer, along with our three checked bags, we decided to try out the skycaps. After Daddy unloaded the bags from the car, we didn't have to touch them again. Twas cool. The skycap printed boarding passes, and carried our luggage over to the outside security check-point. The security agent then scanned each bag with a sniffer tool. Some of the bags, he opened and sniffed inside the top. Each of these bags received a slip of paper before he re-zipped them. We didn't have to help get the bags to re-zip, we just got to stand and watch. I haven't unpacked my suitcase yet, so I don't know what the slip says.

After getting shed of the bulk of our luggage, the boys and I hugged Granmommy and Grandaddy g'bye, and went through the passenger security checkpoint. I now travel in knit pants (no rivets, no belt), wear my cowboy boots (slip on & off easily), and have a separate bag to put all my pocket contents in, before stepping up to the line. That way I'm not digging in a bigger bag later for the stuff I'm used to having on me. We used trays for our coats, our laptops (Critter got Daddy's latest hand-me-down), and my purse and boots. Not a beep from the machines, and only a small pause while they sniffed the laptops.

We ate breakfast at McD's and Quiznos, then headed to the gate. There wasn't a very long wait before we boarded, and the flight left on time. Tigger got the window seat on the long segment, so Critter wanted the aisle. I passed the time during the flight first playing "wishlist" in the Sky Mall magazine with Tigger, and then playing Lego Chess with Critter.

We had enough time after finding our next gate, for a rest stop, and to buy lunch. Which we took onto the plane with us, as they started boarding the plane soon after that. Tigger played chess on Critter's laptop on the next flight, while Critter and I read. Critter got the window seat on the short segment, and Tigger was sweet enough to give me the aisle seat.

We got into Louisville 10 minutes early. Just as I found a skycap to round up our luggage, it started appearing on the belt. And once we were through loading it on the cart, Flar pulled up to the door that we exited. His timing couldn't have been more perfect.

We stopped at Wolf's office on the way home, and I got a very strong hug. Couldn't really get more in the office parking lot, alas. Oh, and I also got two loaves of banana bread. Very yummy, with walnuts. :)

On the way home, I called to check in with Knight. He didn't leave the hospital until 1pm, so I didn't keep him on the phone too long, but we made plans for he and Ro to come over later in the evening. We stopped for gas, and at the grocery on the way home, to get skim milk and sausage. Once we got home, there were very excited dogs to greet, a great deal of luggage and cargo to carry in, and dinner to fix.

Sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner, then we settled into the family room for the first bit of Minority Report before Knight and Ro came over. We gave them their present from Mom, and the banana bread, caught up on talking, and then played a game called Squint. I really liked it, and I think Ro did, too. Knight humored us by played another round after the first one that also included Flar and Critter. I won, but I don't think that strongly influenced my liking for the game, since it is a sort of graphical charades.

It was after Knight and Ro left that I decided to change the bed. Kittybane had changed the sheets before Flar got back, which is sweet, but I hadn't intended to keep using the old sheets, which are the only ones I left clean in the house. Sigh. I couldn't tell if she'd washed the ones that were on the bed, so I washed them again, and watched Minority Report over from the beginning, as I didn't really understand how the colored balls were made. The second time around didn't particularly help.

I also worked on a file-label list for redoing the file system, which is so awful right now that I just tuck everything into big envelopes, and dread anytime I want to look up anything.

By the time the sheets were done it was rather late, and I still heard the boys moving around upstairs. Changing time zones and not enforcing a bedtime during vacation worked havoc on their personal clocks. I don't look forward to waking them on Monday morning.

This morning, I mistakenly thought I needed to take Timothy to bowling. Sadly, I had the right schedule in my PDA: no bowling was mentioned for today, but it took me driving to the bowling alley for me to realize the need to double-check my schedule. Argh.

When I got home, Flar was feeding the dogs breakfast, so I sent him back to bed and finished up. I had eaten a couple of swiss-rolls in the car, so I fixed myself cheese eggs to balance the sugar with some protein. Which means I didn't have room for banana bread until lunch time.

I read through the week and half of papers that were on the kitchen table - mostly just skimming the comics for the ones they don't print in San Antonio and that I don't get online. And found out that I can still find a challenge in doing a Thursday crossword that I've already tackled.

I was feeling pretty lethargic, mostly from getting to sleep Friday night Way Too Late. So I sat down to read email and live journal, and then got a call from the woman running the chess tournament next Saturday. So I spent some time compiling a missive to the chess parents about the upcoming schedule. By the time I was done with that, it was time for some lunch.

After lunch, the whole family cleaned Tigger's room. I took pictures of the results, but I probably should have turned up the room illumination some -- or picked a different scene on the new camera. I'm still learning.

But we managed to get Tigger's room All The Way Clean. I took four angles of the room:

In the first picture, you can see him sitting at his computer desk, in front of the new computer. This was the impetus for cleaning his room.

The second view shows his bed, and how you can actually walk to his homework desk. If you've seen his room lately, you'd understand why it took the four of us.

He can also get to his closet. We even cleaned out underneath his bed.

His bookcase is somewhat organized, and there's a clear path to the laundry chute. Perhaps his room will stay clean for a little while?

After we finished cleaning Tigger's room, I fixed dinner while Flar called Gaucha and Critter hooked up Tigger's new computer. After dinner, Flar moved Tigger's ethernet connection to a different port on the hub, and then the computer was all set to go. We should eventually replace the hub we've got - a couple of the ports appear to be "blown" on it. We're not running it at full capacity though, so it's not really a problem.

I decided to spend the rest of the evening goofing off. So I watched one of the DVDs I got for Christmas (Thank you, Knight and Ro!): Lilo & Stitch and started creating graphics for my own mood theme. I've been meaning to do this ever since some kind soul paid for my first paid membership, but always have something else pressing.

I got a few emotions done. The differences are sort of subtle at this size:
For angry, I'd like to put these three together in an animation, but of course I have to figure out where I put that animation package I downloaded:

I also did files for awake, happy and okay:

And then I did some investigating, to find out how to use my Earthlink account's 10M of storage for image files. Because I wanted to show off what I'd accomplished today, and I've been meaning to get around to opening up more storage area online. If I understand correctly, I can probably use up to 80 M on Earthlink with the current account that I maintain there, just by defining additional mailboxes.

And now, it's seriously time to go to sleep.

After I send a copy of this to my mom. :)

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