Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

All packed and ready to go

I stayed up a bit late last night. I was determined that even if I couldn't get Mom's spanish/english dictionary to load properly, at least her hotsync should otherwise be healthy.

I didn't feel like sleeping much later than normal, though, so I shouldn't have much problem getting to sleep tonight.

The UPS man was a little late this afternoon, but he finally showed up with the new camera that Flar and I got for Christmas. I charged up the battery, loaded the memory card, and it's all set. I even played around with some of the scene selections today. There are about 9 different selections where you give the camera an idea of the kind of subject, and it modifies some of the automatics accordingly. When I get home, I'll start posting some of the pictures.

We lazed around for much of the day. We were planning to go to a movie, but instead we stayed around the house, enjoying our last day of vacation. We went to dinner at Logan's, then went to visit Granny and said goodbye. Then it was time to pack.

Flar took home two suitcases that we didn't use on the flight here. AND one of them had been packed into mine. AND we had some presents packed in mine. But the presents we're taking home appear to be bulkier than those we brought, because it was still a fight to get everything to fit.

When I was finally in the bedroom, and not flitting all over the house looking for belongings, Mom popped A Beautiful Mind into the DVD to keep us company while I packed. It was a fascinating movie. I've read reviews that picked about its representation of the true story, but it was still a fascinating look into schizephrenia.

Now that I've gotten everything packed away, and my email read, and my live journal read, it's time to get some sleep.

We're leaving the house at 8am, to get to the airport 2 hours before our flight. It'll be an adventure, carting the boxes around, before we're done, but otherwise I expect an uneventful trip. Flar will be picking us up, and we're even stopping by Wolf's office on our way out of town, so he can give us some of the yummy banana bread that he baked. Whee! I get to see Wolf after all, even though Flar is picking us up. Happy minikin.

Time for bed now.

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