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Home again

Home is becoming a complicated word.

Home is where I feel loved and warm and safe. These days, I have two homes. Last night, I got home from being at home for an overnight. That just doesn't read right.

I got everything carried in from the car right away, because I cleaned it out last Tuesday, to vacuum it for a day-trip with Cinder. Now I'm inspired to keep it that way. I got everything put away once I got inside, because this weekend I tidied up the jacuzzi room, and I'm inspired to keep it that way.

sydb talks in her journal about the possibility of doing laundry today. Does throwing in one shirt and one pair of pants count? For the longest time, I was reliably doing laundry on Mondays so that my bowling shirt would be clean on Tuesdays. This will be the second time I've washed it by itself and put off laundry until the middle of the week -- which usually means not getting "all" of the laundry done for the week. My mom says never to think of laundry as something that can be "all" done at any one time. ;)

I came home with warm cozy thoughts about Flar being home, and getting to snuggle with him. Which flew out the window. He raced in from the airport, barely acknowledging my presence, went upstairs to read email, and then when he finally came to bed, he flumped down and opined "I don't suppose the jacuzzi top is anywhere near being cleared off." As I had made that one of my cleaning priorities this weekend, and as he had passed directly by it at least once in order to get into the house, it really ticked me off that he didn't notice it was quite clean. So instead of answering him, I practically kicked him out of bed to go see for himself, and told him to go sit in it, when he came back to say it was clear. And was sound asleep before he got back into bed.


And now on to fixing some sort of warm breakfast for two growing boys, while they feed two ravenous scotties.

Home again.

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