Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I guess I stopped posting when I noticed how little was actually going into these, while visiting here.

My vacation in Texas could read as a travelogue of food.

We've gone out to eat at least once a day while we've been here.

Monday, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen before going to the new Trek offering. They tell me that Patrick Stewart doesn't want to make any more Star Trek movies. It wouldn't have anything to do with Janeway making admiral before Picard, would it? After the movie we stopped by Krispy Kreme and brought some to Granny. She likes the sugar.

Mom and I got on each other's nerves on Monday, and Dad stepped in with his usual aplomb to set things spinning out of control, like usual. Why is it that calm people don't recognize how irritating calm can be to an emotional wound-up top? See Robert Redford's speech to Jane Fonda, when he found out he wouldn't have a bed to sleep in before his first big case the next day, in Barefoot in the Park.

I ended up holing up in the bedroom and text messaging with Wolf until he had to drive home from work, and reading, and finally calmed down enough to join everyone watching a movie. I determined I'm quite homesick, and ready to sleep in my own bed for a night. Getting to talk to Wolf last night helped a lot, too. I hate going days without hearing my Master's voice. (Cue RCA dog. ;)

Yesterday we ate at home, but we went out to the Container Store for our last shopping trip of the year. Mom got me a new canister for dog treats, a couple of new scoops, a couple of mesh-topped shakers that I'll use in the quest for the perfect fuzzy otter sticker, wire snakes (hard to describe, but must-buy, as they are purple), measuring spoons for a smidgeon, a pinch and a dash, and a couple of other odds and ends. We were going to stop by Costco, but they closed right before we got there. We stopped at Walgreen's on the way home for frozen pizzas and ice cream. We ate the pizzas at midnight, central time zone.

We celebrated the New Year's with spaghetti and meatballs, wine coolers, DVDs, video games and the internet. Stayed up for two time zones, and then crashed.

Flar flew home today. Dad and I made banana pancakes while Flar packed his clothes and most of the Christmas gifts. I'll be taking whatever's left, and each of us has a second checked bag, that is, box. Tigger got a computer for Christmas, which came in three boxes: tower, monitor and sound system. I went in to the airport to see what the security procedures would be like for me on Friday, and asked one of the security agents about bringing computer boxes. She said it shouldn't be a problem.

After we dropped off Flar, we went for lunch to FuddRuckers. That may actually cover all of the restaurants that I like to eat at here. Some of them are actually losing their attraction for me, and the next time I visit I might be more interested in going to some new places.

Spent the day surfing and reading email and reading. My current book is DeathDay, an alien invasion book.

We watched GI Jane last night. My kind of chick flick. :) And I got to talk to Knight and Wolf, and left messages for Turnip and Cinder.

Tonight we watched Crocodile Hunter. I didn't expect to like it, but I did. That guy's enthusiasm is very entertaining, really, and the plot they wrapped around him was cute.

Next post will be my New Year's resolutions.

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