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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Slept in this morning. Mom and Dad leave early enough for church that we opted to go to the evening service.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I breakfasted on Lucky Charms and Sunday Comics. Mom and Dad's paper has more comics than ours. I need to see if Baby Blues is online somewhere to add to my daily email comics...

After breakfast, I got out cards to write and ended up reading instead of writing. Reading and nodding off. I don't sleep well in the guest bed here at Mom and Dad's, so I wake up groggy.

For lunch today, Mom and Dad took us to Benihana's. I've decided that I prefer Yamamoto for dinner, and that lunch at Benihana is hardly worth the bother. They don't include soup, the fried rice is prepared in the kitchen, and the rest of the cooking is pretty perfunctory. I'm sure my experience wasn't improved by the waitress telling me I wasn't supposed to bring my soda in with me. I pointed out to her that they don't offer Diet Dr. Pepper, or I'd be glad to buy a glass of it from them. Now, I know most restaurants prefer customers not bring in outside drinks, but I've never had a waitress comment on it to me. I considered her attitude to be quite rude. She was also miserably inadequate at keeping my mom's water glass filled. I don't drink as much as my mom.

After Benihana's, Mom and Critter and I dropped off Flar and Dad and Tigger, then went to Dairy Queen. We got banana splits for Mom and I, and plain small servings for Critter and Granny. Then we went over to see Granny. She was sleeping when we got there, but perked up for a bit. She didn't want her own ice cream, but let Mom share some bites of her banana split with her.

After we got home, we put Ice Age into the DVD player to nap to. Okay, I think Critter stayed awake for all of it, but I was only really awake for the continuing subthread of the acorn.

Evening service wasn't really a service, exactly. There was a potluck -- Mom and Dad brought ham and cranberry fluff -- and after that, there was a presentation by a couple of missionaries who are running a series of workshops for other missionaries. It seems that the number one reason people leave missionary work now is relationship trouble with other missionaries. They give relationship seminars to try and resolve these troubles before they get to the point of breaking up working relationships.

At home, we had to clean up the Christmas gift opening mess so that the housekeepers can vaccuum when they come tomorrow. My presents are now in a neat pile by the tree, rather than spread out among boxes and paper and ribbons. I got a new robe, pajamas and slippers that are all too warm to wear here, but will be yummy warm back in KY winter. Mom also found napkins to go with the Christmas plates that she bought us last year. There's also the DVD set for the Most Expanded Version of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Now we're watching Goldfinger. Daddy got a collection of 007 movies from my brother, and this is one of them. I'm not sure I'll stay up for all of it; even with the napping today, I'm already getting sleepy again.

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Daddy got a collection of 007 movies from my brother

Goldfinger is one of the ones that I got for Knight this year, along with Man with the Golden Gun and another one that I'm blanking on. Plus the AngelFire 007 game for the PS2. :)

ooh, it's a theme! :) At the end of Goldfinger, we found out that he has a golden gun. So I guess there's two men with golden guns?

At the end of Goldfinger, we found out that he has a golden gun. So I guess there's two men with golden guns?

Well, shucks, I guess I don't need to watch the movie now that I know the ending. ;)

I'm not sure - it's been ages since I've seen either of them, if ever - but isn't the bad guy the same one in each movie, Auric Goldfinger?

Not according to IMDB. The Man with the Golden Gun was made 10 years after Goldfinger, and the villain, Scaramanga, was played by Christopher Lee. I guess villains tend to be disposable in Bond movies. Hardly any of them get away to return another day...

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