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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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After Christmas Shopping

We ate a late breakfast at what Tigger likes to call "Hop on Pop" today. My brother left around 11, and then we piled into the car to go out. Breakfast provided us with the energy for after Christmas shopping.

My brother gave DVDs for Christmas this year. Mom isn't much of a Planet of the Apes fan, and Flar doesn't care for Stephen King particularly, so we all went to Wal-Mart today so they could trade in their DVD collections for something they wanted. Mom chose the Red Curtain Trilogy, and Flar got an assortment of indivual DVDs. Tigger bought himself and Critter new controls for the Playstation. And we also picked up socks and underwear and some new shirts. We really need to settle on who's the underwear elf in the family. Mom says when she and Dad got married, Mimi bought new underwear for each of them for Christmas each year. Mom didn't realize that she never bought underwear until a couple of years after Mimi died, and all the underwear starting looking raggy. My brother is used to getting new socks for Christmas every year, but Mom forgot last year, and he noticed.

Then we went to Best Buy. Both of the boys got Best Buy Gift cards for Christmas. Critter bought a backpack case for the laptop my dad gave him, and a mini-mouse to use with it. Tigger bought Warcraft III (which came with Diablo for free), RollerCoaster Tycoon II, and the Crocodile Hunter DVD. Mom bought a rack for her DVDs.

Our next stop was Barnes & Noble, conveniently next door to Best Buy. Critter and I are each on our last book, and the visit is still young. I got the latest Sue Grafton novel, Q is for Quarry, and verified that I've already read P is for Peril. Tigger picked out a chapter book called Fudge about a litter of lab puppies, and an Eric Carle board book. Maybe he'll want to read to Roo when we get to see her next? Critter found a book about Boeing 777s and will rely on me finishing the book I'm reading for more fiction. Flar picked out three historical fictions. And Critter also bought a page-a-day Foxtrot calendar.

Back home, Tigger and I had lunch. Everyone else was still full from breakfast, and we're planning to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse tonight. I didn't order an overly large breakfast, so I didn't think I could go until dinner before eating. My blood-sugar regulation works about like an 8 year old's, I suppose. ;)

Tigger installed Diablo and started playing, Critter installed Risk and Starcraft, and has been playing those. I've been reading live journal and email, and Flar and Daddy decided to nap. Mom's been reading email and talking to us while we're distracted.

We'll be waking the sleepers soon to go out for dinner.

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I like the new "Vixen" icon. Tres chic!

What's "Red Curtain Trilogy"? I've never heard of that.

I always get Knight at least one pair of boxers for Christmas. I got him 3 this year - one pair of Underdog, one pair of Magilla Gorilla, and a Christmasy one with Taz that says something like "Not Another #&%&#! pair of Christmas boxers!" on it.

In fine print below the picture (visible at the higher resolution before I made it into a user icon) it says Penny Parker. When I hear "vixen" I think fox, and she seems more like a vampy reindeer to me.... It was part of an email my mom forwarded to me, no attribution. But I'd been thinking for a while now that the watermelon icon was out of season...

The Red Curtain Trilogy includes Moulin Rouge, the 2-disc special edition; Romeo and Juliet, special edition; and Strictly Ballroom, plus a bonus disc: Behind the Red Curtain. All three of these are Baz Luhrmann movies. Of the three, I've only seen Moulin Rouge.

When I hear "vixen" I think fox, and she seems more like a vampy reindeer to me.

LOL. Actually, I meant Vixen as in "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, and Blitzen!"



Okay, so I really tripped over that one. Silly me.

Mmmm, Barnes & Noble. I could spend all afternoon in one. :)

mm. I like the concept, but I prefer the execution made by our own independent Bookseller which started in Lexington, and now has three locations in Kentucky and Ohio: Joseph Beth Bookseller.

I don't drink coffee, and one of the first things I noticed when I stepped into Barnes and Noble today was the strong aroma of coffee coming from the Starbucks. I'm one of those non-coffee drinkers who also doesn't care for its aroma or even coffee-flavored sweets. Joseph-Beth has a cafe, but somehow the smell doesn't permeate the store.

I've also been more impressed with the depth of material in any particular subject that I've been researching at Joseph-Beth, versus Barnes and Noble.

On the other hand, Barnes and Noble is the only place in Lexington that I've found that reliably carries the large scale version of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, with the spiral binding. Most other places carry the stapled folder style. And I don't generally venture into the mall, where The Calendar Shop is, around the Christomas Shopping madness season.
I've a bad habit of waiting until it's uncomfortably close to Christmas before I remember to get Flar's traditional gift.

The only bookstore we have is Waldenbooks, which I consider crap. :)

I want to live somewhere where they have LARGE bookstores. :)

And even better, lots of used bookstores! :) (we don't have any of those either)

We have a scattering of used bookstores here, some good, some so-so. Half Price Books does not have a location in Lexington. I was spoiled when I lived in Houston.

When I was visiting in San Francisco, Turnip took me to a great new & used book store that dealt solely in Speculative Fiction. That is, Science Fiction and Fantasy. It's a small place, but they hire people who are knowledgeable in SF, and have their used titles in the inventory database along with the new books, so they can tell you if they have a title, whether it's new or used.

Too bad I can't remember the name, of the top of my head. ;)

Minneapolis has all the good shopping. *pout* Come to think of it, I can vouch for a couple of its men, too...

I met some of those men, too. :) Sadly, none seemed interested. :)

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