Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas Eve

The list version:
  • wrap presents
  • fold a basket of laundry
  • pack for Texas
  • do any necessary laundry
  • make pull-apart loaf
  • plan Christmas food with in-laws
  • go to LoTR first (cheapest) showing
  • Pick up ham and cheese for tomorrow
  • tidy house [incredulous, maniacal laughter]
  • have Ro and Knight over for dinner and present exchange


I didn't bother folding the load of my laundry, but I pulled it into the bedroom to use for packing.

I'm in the end-game of packing. I'm working on my laptop so that I can pack it, and then I should be finished. That implies email, live journal and hotsyncing my PDA.

I'm in the middle of necessary laundry. I'm waiting on sweaters (Critter requested one of his be cleaned) to dry, I'll then pop a load of shirts (Flar wants them for when he comes back, and I want tomorrow's shirt cleaned for me) in the dryer.

I'm waiting for the initial rise of the bread dough for the pull-apart loaf, then I get the fun of assembling it: melted butter, brown sugar/cinnamon, pecans & cherries. All neatly fitted into a bundt pan, and then baked.

Planning Christmas dinner added making Sausage Balls to my list; I'll do that tomorrow, as well as washing dishes.

I got the jacuzzi-top tidied up when I was done wrapping presents; all the present-wrapping equipment is back in the big plastic box.

Flar put away the leftovers from dinner, and I tidied up the loose ends from paying bills that were left in the family room.

But there's present-opening left in the family room, and the kitchen is a general-purpose mess. Dishes left to wash from dinner tonight, as well as hand-wash from cookie baking and beyond. And the table has a couple of days of newspapers, loose ends from bills-paying, and who knows what else on it.

I found the gift I forgot to include in Cinder's package. I threw that and her floppy disk into my suitcase, oops, magnetic material. Better move that to my carry-on bag.

So after I read email & live journal & hotsync my PDA and assemble and bake the pull-apart loaf and dry and hang out the shirts, I can go to sleep. In the morning, I've only to shower or bathe (depending on how much sleep I want/need), make the sausage balls, clean the kitchen, and load the cars. The concept is: suitcases in my car for the trip to Louisville; presents and food in Flar's car for the trip to Bébé's house. We're planning to go over there at noon. If we're pressed for time coming home, we can leave the presents in Flar's car to speed up the turn-around.

I'm taking my laptop on the trip, so I hope to keep up with email and live journal, and Flar and I might even do some work on the Erosul website.

Flar really liked his present that I made him: two pillows a convenient size for the putting behind his back when sitting. They are of material we were going to use to make curtains for his office. His office was remodelled in 1994. We bought a yard of two different patterns of material, to see which would look better as curtains in the office. Flar picked one, but then we never got around to having the curtains made. I ran across the material when i was looking for clothes for Tigger, so I decided to make Flar pillows for Christmas.

The boys both got gifts they could play with tonight, as well as a bunch of DVDs, and other things. Tigger seemed to like his play-doh. He made some pretty artistic things with it, then put neatly back in the tubs. Oh sure, play-doh says 3 and up, but it gets the bad rep about being messy from giving it to three year olds. And we forget sometimes that 8 year olds still enjoy playing with that kind of thing.

Critter got a microwave to add to the teenager survivor satellite kitchen upstairs. He now has a toaster oven, a microwave, a dorm fridge and a sandwich cooker. Tigger was excited when we explained that the new microwave wouldn't burn popcorn. (Our kitchen one works fine, but the fan that's supposed to evenly spread the microwaves doesn't spin anymore, so we get hot spots. Popcorn does not fare well in it.

Dinner was Red and Black Beans with Rice and Smoked Sausage. We combined two boxes of Zatarains, and it was more than the size of us could finish, with generous helpings.

The dogs all got new bowls tonight, and treats and chewtoys. They had some goood quality couch time before dinner. Flood spent the afternoon tethered to me, to keep her out of trouble. The Scotties are easier to control with door gates.

Well, I should get to reading email and live journal before I need to go assemble that loaf...

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