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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A very long day
Canuckgirl does this thing where she edits her things to do list, marking the done items by tagging them strikeout. So how do I note the new stuff that Thank God I remembered in time to do them? And how do I indicate doing activities that still remain on the list, like wrapping presents, of which there are many...

My day in fast-forward recap:

  • put printed pictures in frames
  • get boys to record messages in frames
  • wrap presents
  • fold a basket of laundry
  • begin packing for Texas
  • do any necessary laundry
  • update checkbook
  • post bills
  • pay bills
  • thaw dough for pull-apart loaf
  • plan Christmas food with in-laws
  • take presents to Random
  • The New Stuff I Remembered, Thank God
  • take Ro to lunch for her birthday
  • buy dog, cat & puppy food and treats and bones
  • get allergy shot
  • take Tigger's broken glasses to the optician
  • pick up Flar's 2003 appointment calendar
  • get 2003 sticker for my car
  • drop my car off for follow-up for transmission work

Flar printed out the pictures while I was out running errands, so some of this happened in a different order than anticipated.

All I did was verify that my laptop will fit in the bag I want to use for carry-on.

I will be so happy when one of Flar's clients is able to catchup on paying invoices.

I think I can still make the pull-apart loaf, letting the dough thaw tomorrow. I hope I don't generate a grocery run when I talk to Brody's wife about Christmas plans.

Lunch with Ro was yummy. So was dinner, even if that's why I'm up so late...

Tigger's glasses are still under warranty. Score!

I am so glad that I'll be staying in tomorrow, and otherwise letting Flar drive. Traffic today was enough for me, even though I avoided the worst of it. Witnessing it was bad enough.


  • wrap presents
  • fold a basket of laundry
  • pack for Texas
  • do any necessary laundry
  • make pull-apart loaf
  • plan Christmas food with in-laws
  • go to LoTR first (cheapest) showing
  • tidy house
  • have Ro and Knight over for dinner and present exchange