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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Home stretch
Entering the home stretch, and still mostly keeping up.

I finished and wrapped Flar's present today. I also wrapped a few other presents, then decided to work on the last present still to be finished: framed pictures for Bébé, Mom & Dad, Brody & his wife, and Granny. I installed driver software on my laptop and hooked it up to the scanner. It worked the first time. Go me. Then I cropped, re-sized, and added snowflakes to the pictures. Enough work to feel okay about using scanprints of professional pictures. The ink cartridges in the kitchen are sub-par, but good enough for the ordinary work I've been doing in the kitchen, so Flar's going to print the pictures upstairs, tomorrow. I emailed one picture, and will email the other in the morning, after he's downloaded mail. I need to find out how to do file sharing between the mac and pc systems in the house. That would eliminate the email step in sending files back and forth.

I also sorted and folded a bunch of laundry today. I still have a basket of my own clothes to folded and put away, and I really need to wash more loads.

The tournament was pretty neat. It didn't get started until 11:30am, but we were all done by 5:30, and that's with 5 rounds for the younger two divisions, and 4 for the oldest. They gave prizes instead of trophies, which pleased most, but disappointed a few. I'm going to do something or other to recognize the kids, but I'm not sure what, yet. I came home with copies of the final standings, for when I figure out what I'm going to do about it.

Critter won three points in the tournament, and selected "Connect Four" as his prize. Timothy won two points, which wasn't enough to earn a prize.

After the tournament, I took the boys to Steak and Shake and then headed to Lexington, to drop each of them off along my way home. I've got the chess equipment bag, and need to remember to take that back to school. It'll have to come out of my car for going to the airport on Wednesday.

  • put printed pictures in frames
  • get boys to record messages in frames
  • wrap presents
  • fold a basket of laundry
  • begin packing for Texas
  • do any necessary laundry
  • update checkbook
  • post bills
  • pay bills
  • thaw dough for pull-apart loaf
  • plan Christmas food with in-laws
  • take presents to Random

And now for bed.

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That's really nifty, that the Critter won a game at the chess tournament. :-)

Well, technically, he won four games. The three chess games that earned him 3.0 points, and the game that he selected for his prize.

You know, I realized this interpretation well after I saved the comment. I was
just going to let it be, but noooooooooooo... ;-)So yes, I'm proud that
Critter won four games in total. Hey, maybe he'll want to play Connect 4
with me sometime. :-)

--Jason, having fun with Cascading Style Sheets

I couldn't remember how to get colors to appear properly in live journal stuff. Maybe you can show me, since it wasn't in your html tutorial for live journal that I checked. I was going to color code my lists...

Critter and Tigger played a lot of Connect Four today, while waiting to carry presents into the dining room for me. Critter wins most of the time, but Tigger occasionally beats him.

There are two ways to go about it. One would be to use the <font> tag, along with its attributes to set your font family, size, and color. The way I did it, because I was mucking about with stylesheets that day, would be to add style attributes to your tags like so:

<p style="font-family: cursive; font-size: larger; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline; color: purple;">
I'm a large, bold, underlined, purple piece of text. I should be in a cursive font, if you have one installed (and your browser lets me).


I'm a large, bold, underlined, purple piece of text. I should be in a cursive font, if you have one installed (and your browser lets me).

Have fun...

Oh yes! And if you don't have a particular tag to put around a block of text you want formatted, you can always use the unfortunately deprecated <span> tag, which has no presentational meaning and serves only as a placeholder for styles. :-)

Okay, so the specific context here is lists. Can I put these thingums into <li> tags?

You can indeed. You can specify for the list like this:

<ul style="color: red">


  • This

  • is

  • all

  • red

Or, you can do it on an item level like this:

<li style="color: purple">The</li>
<li style="color: red">Red</li>
<li style="color: green">Green</li>
<li style="color: gold">Show</li>


  • The

  • Red

  • Green

  • Show

Silly me. I was thinking there was a less cumbersome way to just ask for gold, green or purple, for instance, colors...

You don't have to use styles. You can use this:

<font color="red">Red Text</font>

to get this:

Red Text

just as easily. I like styles, that's why I use them. Note that the <font> tag is deprecated in favor of styles, so eventually they'll go away. But, pragmatically, that's pretty far off. But, that's one of the reasons I want to learn it now, so I'm ready for the future. :-)

In fact, it did display cursive font, but I'd not gotten around to setting it in my browser, and for whatever reason, that font defaulted to Arial, which is a decidely non-cursive font. I've selected Swing, which is nicely cursive.

You can, btw, specify a specific font, but it's wise to use a backup "generic" that the browser can fall back on. By example, I might've included

font-family: Swing,cursive;

in my style, and you wouldn't have to have selected Swing... the browser would've known to use it if available and fall back on J. Random Cursivefont if it wasn't. :-)

What I ought to do is specify each of the fonts that Netscape has in the fonts preferences, to decide if I like the choices I've got, now. When I get around to it.

Or maybe, when I get back to KY, I won't have quite the complexity of daily lists, and all of this will be moot for the nonce.

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