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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My adventures with Shoe Repair
I believe I've mentioned I was having difficulties finding a place to fix my boots? I finally thought to call The Boot Store and they recommended someone to me. I called up, found out where he was, and yesterday, I dropped off my boots. At 3:15pm. I was startled when he told me they'd be ready by Saturday morning, but Bébé said he's be glad to pick them up for me. We had been out looking for boots for me for Christmas, but I think he's going to decide on something else, now.

Then last night, around 5 or so, the shoe repair guy called me back. My boots were ready to pick up. Early, and so he called. Wow.

I picked them up today after the Holiday Concert, and he'd even re-blacked the heels and polished the leather. Whee!

So, anyone who need shoe repair work done, call Bluegrass Shoe Repair, in Garden Springs center, at 859-278-3031. He provides fast, competent, friendly service. And bonus, the place smells of leather. :)