Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


What was going to be a day spent mostly at home, with quickie errands in the morning, took on more errands and ended up with little home-time.

I ramped up slowly, showering, then watching Buffy with Knight (while finishing the sewing on Bébé's sweater). I picked up a couple of odds and ends at Wal-Mart -- remembered a traditional present that didn't amke it to my lists yet, and got the one for Critter. Then picked up a prescription at CVS, and thought I didn't have my PDA when I got to the grocery. So I went home, sorted the laundry, started a load, and ate lunch. After I got coupons sorted out for the grocery trip, I discovered a load of never-been-dried work towels in the dryer, so I swapped them with the load in the washer, setting me back one load for the day of laundry.

Going through errands bags, I found Flar's calendar. Oops, didn't order that yesterday. And I wanted to get my oil changed today. So I ended up postponing groceries to after school. I ordered Flar's calendar, looked at K-Mart for Tigger's present - no luck. And got my oil changed. There was time left to zip over to Meijer, where I found a reasonable present for Tigger, and then I went on to school.

After school, we shopped at the Super-Kroger near school. I hate the layout of Super-Krogers. A specific that irritated me today was putting Tyson frozen chicken nuggets and Banquet frozen chicken nuggets in freezers across the store from each other. grrr.

We finally got done with shopping, and called Flar before checking out. In theory, he would be there soon after we were done, to help select a tree. [While we waited, I finally tracked down a shoe repair place that's still in operation (they even answer the phone) in Lexington. It's in Garden Springs, near Rusty Scabbard.] In practice, he needed gas, but he eventually got there, and approved the tree the boys had already selected. It's sitting in its stand in the garage, drinking up water. We'll bring it in tomorrow.

Then Flar suggested we go out for dinner instead of straight home. And *he* got the the restaurant people to store our sherbet in the freezer for us while we ate. I'd have enjoyed dinner more on an evening when I didn't have stuff to do waiting for me at home.

After the dogs were fed dinner and the groceries were put away, I sat down to call the rest of the chess club abou the tournament. It looks like we'll have between 14 and 17 kids going, and I've sent off a roster to the organizer. Tomorrow I'll sit down with the list and call to confirm that he got the information.

In the morning, I'll update bowling records, print double forms so that Prez can take over New Year's week, and wrap the exchange gift and the gift I have for Prez.

Bébé wants to take me shopping tomorrow for my Christmas gift, and we've arranged to get together after I have lunch. Other than dropping my boots off to be repaired, I *may* be errand-free tomorrow.

And then after school we have the cookie party/tree-trimming party. Wonder if I can sweet-talk Knight into bringing takeout so we don't have to fix food or clean up after it? It's technically date night...

And now for sleep.

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