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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Cookie Party reminder
My cookie-baking/tree-trimming party is going to be on Thursday night, from 5pm to 10pm, depending on when people can get here, and how late we're still baking cookies.

Flar won't be here to be in charge of the tree, but Wolf has graciously stepped in, as he was already roped into doing the lighting for me.

I've got ingredients for Christmas Cake cookies, gumdrop cookies, caramel brownies, Ro's recipe that involved peppermint, applesauce and cocoa, and lots of chocolate chips and nuts. If you wanna come bake, but you don't have a recipe you wanna make, make one of mine. :)

So far, I expect Ro (& Knight) and Sydb (& Wolf) to be here, and Spydie has expressed interest. Grace said she could come, but something may have come up in the meantime, so I'm not sure about her.

Oh, and as lovely parting gifts, I'm re-supplying anyone who has run short of aluminum foil; I still have bunches from when Pengie brought over a damaged box of it.

Let me know!

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I don't know if he'll see this in time to let you know himself, but mj_artiz emailed me about something else and also wanted me to let you know that he wouldn't be able to make it but appreciated the invitation.

Thanks for passing along the info. Maybe he'll be able to come next year.

I appreciate your hostessing this cookie party every year - I really look forward to it! I'll be there with my KitchenAid (and hubby) in tow! :)

Maybe next year I'll actually have the kitchen clean, AND have one of my recipes already mixed up.

But it was fun, and the cookies are yummy!

Hey, there were 3 of us, we made 3 recipes (1 each) - I think we done good!!

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