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Another day of Errands

Waiting is ....

I hesitate to say it, but I think the present for Sydb (and Roo) is going to be great! I always have these fantastic ideas in my head, but when it comes time to execute them, I'm always a tad nervous.

And while I wait until time for the next step, I'll review the day.

I ought to be good for another couple of hours, easily, since I had a nice long nap after I bought the boys home from school. It was a longish day, so it was no surprise that I was ready for sleep at 4pm.

Flar came home from Brazil today. I've had his car in the shop, getting the brakes worked on, but it wasn't ready first thing this morning. So, after I dropped the boys off at school, I drove over to that post office (not the busiest in town, even if what I wanted was in the vending machine), bought more stamps, and sat down and wrote out three Christmas Cards.

Turnip's card came in the mail yesterday, which Critter brought in with the paper, this morning. It was funnier than last year, and even had a companion web page. He has such a talent for these sorts of things.

This is another year that I'm not sending out Christmas cards; instead I'm answering those people who send us Christmas cards. This is a fairly low-stress approach: I always verify addresses anyway, this just adds the step of pulling a card out of the box, addressing it, and keeping it ready for when I have a free moment to write.

After I wrote out three cards, there was just time to pop them in the mail before I needed to head over to the airport to pick up Flar. He was wearing an absolutely fabulous red suede shirt with black laces. We really need to put more product pictures on the site. sounds like a good January project. I dropped Flar at home, and then headed over to the bowling alley. I got there about halfway through the first game (I'd already warned Grace that I'd be late), which gave me time to distribute the chocolates that I'd brought for everyone, and sweet-talk the kitchen ladies into baking my quichelettes for me.

Bowling during the holidays is always fun. We had a potluck with plenty of yummy food and a gift exchange. Everyone who participates brings a gift, then when you bowl your first strike, you pick out a gift. I managed to be the last person to bowl a strike today, and everyone else selected (by dent of taking others for themselves) an absolutely gorgeous gift for me. It's a snowman candle-holder. The snowman is made of white frosted glass with a little orange carrot nose, and beautifully purple scarf and top hat. The arms are silver branches, which hold up two taper holders. I'm going to put it in the Mickey Mouse bathroom, and keep it out until winter is over.

Grace gave me a really pretty sweater, which is almost a leopard print in the knit pattern, and is made of chenille, so it's wonderfully soft. She also gave me a gift to bring home for Knight, who was taking his mother and her sister to a funeral for his aunt today. I totally crashed before it was reasonable to bring his stuff over to him, but I'm planning to go over in the morning.

We won all four points today, playing against a team with whom we started the day tied for last place. Even though I only bowled 119 in the second game (my first), I managed to made a spare in the last frame when we needed that to win. And then I came within 7 pins of bringing my series up to average by bowling a 152 in the third game. That felt good.

There were other people that handed out little gifts to everyone: one person gave out candy sleighs, made from candy canes, miniature chocolates, and an andes mint; the other gave out tiny stockings filled with chocolates. Yum.

I finished T's gi last night, and Grace thought it looked great. I told her I'd be happy to sew on additional stars for him as he got them, cause they turned out to be easier than I'd expected. Really, the hardest part was getting the patches off the old gi.

After bowling, I picked up candy melts for L., picked up lots of supplies for the cookie party at Sam's, and then went to Cingular. We recently got Flar a new phone, as his old one was turning off randomly. Cingular is adding GSM capability, and so he got a TDMA/GSM phone. Unfortunately, Cingular still doesn't have the bugs worked out of the GSM system, so the quality on the new phone is marginal. Today, I brought his old phone, the new phone, and my old phone to the office. I got them to put his phone number on my old phone, and transfer the phone book from his old phone over to it. It took all of 15 minutes, and he didn't even charge me for the data transfer.

After that, I headed over to the allergist, where I handed out more chocolates, and then met Flar at his afternoon appointment, so I could get his phone to him. That left me enough time to try to track down a shoe repair place. Flood gnawed on one of the heels of my cowboy boots, and the place I used to take them for repair is closed. It turns out that all of the Chapman's in town appear to be closed, at least temporarily. So I'm still working out where to take my boots.

Bébé is talking about getting me new boots for Christmas, so maybe I'll take him up on the offer.

Once I'd visited two different locations of closed Chapman's, I headed over to school to pick up the boys, and snored through carline. That made me decide it was time for a nap when we got home.

I got about 2.5 hours of telephonically interrupted sleep, and then got up to made dinner. Nothing fancy: beans and franks and mac and cheese. After dinner, Flar showed me things that he'd brought home from Brazil. Ooh, ooh, decisions. Gaucha made two purses out of leopard-printed leather, because there were two styles: one with "fur" effect, one smooth. I finally decided on the smooth one, which needs more roping as they ran out. We're giving the other one, which almost looks like velour , to Brody's wife for Christmas.

But that led to laying on the bed and deciding that I really didn't want to go out again tonight. So I started in on working on Sydb's present, and I really think, cross my fingers, that's it's going to turn out great!

There are a couple of more steps that involve waiting an hour in-between each, so I'll probably spend the waiting time putting away all the stuff that I brought home today, assemble Turnip's gift, and then start wrapping.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the grocery and the pharmacy, then watching an episode of Buffy with Knight. Then the rest of the day at home, I'll work on laundry, and set about seeing if I can get the scanner to work with my laptop. If so, then I can scan in the school pictures, adorn them with appropriate holiday themes, and print them out for framing for gifts. Then all that will be left to make for presents will be Flar's. And sewing buttons on Bébé's sweater.

Thursday is the cookie party and tree-trimming, and Friday is the holiday concert. Then Saturday is a chess tournament in Cincy. Then I guess there's packing for Texas, and last minute stuff before Christmas.

I think it would be fun to be totally ready for Christmas, with nothing on my things-to-do list, and then go to the mall on Christmas Eve, to watch people scurrying around.

We'll see.

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