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A Day of Rest

Wow. Didn't get a darned thing done today.

I woke up about 8am, to the tune of dogs desperate to be let out. With a screaming migraine. Me. Not the dogs.

I got up long enough to let them out and feed them breakfast then put them back outside. I got a couple of excedrins and went back to bed. Eventually when I woke up later, I decided to stay in bed and read. And got totally wrapped up in the last 100 pages of Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds. At some point, I looked up and it was 3:30pm. My headache was gone, but if I didn't get some food it was going to be coming back.

So I wandered into the kitchen and got out a bowl, milk and a fresh box of Trix. Eating made me hungry, and before I need it, I was emptying the box into the bowl for my last refill serving... Wow.

While I was munching on cereal and continuing to read, I got the remote units to restore the family room, dining room, jacuzzi room and kitchen back to clean. We never did get more rooms in the house done on that list, but at least these rooms have stayed clean enough that it only took about 15 minutes to get them back to order.

Then it was 6pm, and time for me to fix dinner for Kittybane, Pengie and Starmaiden. I'd invited them to dinner last Wednesday, but they were going back to Mt. Sterling for a few days, so we'd settled on tonight, instead. Dinner was easy: Chicken pieces, dipped in egg and coated with breadcrumbs, then baked. Betty Crocker Three Cheese Potatoes, baked at the same time as the chicken. Teriyaki stir-fried vegetables. And Grands biscuits, baked after the potatoes.

Maybe it's because it was only a couple of hours after I ate a whole box of Trix, but this seemed like a huge dinner. We watched Big Trouble while we ate, and played with the dogs, and then Pengie finished a game of chess with Critter while I read a couple of chapters of Through the Looking Glass.

I've kept up with email and live journal, but not apparently the text messages on my phone (comes from staying in bed so long).

And I picked at my toes again. Damn. It tears up my fingernails - so I've got them all filed down smooth, but way short now - and it usually ends up with one or more of my toes hurting from exposed quick. Sigh. I was on a no-pick pact with myself, reward to be a pedicure. After a month of no-picking. Which would have been today! Sigh. Gonna try again. If I can go without picking my at my toenails until the end of January, then I'm getting myself a pedicure. There. I've put it in writing.

To complete my day of rest, I should really go on to bed, but I think I'll do a little paperwork, first.

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