Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


I know. Appleworks is a poor excuse for a database package, but I mostly use it for ease of making lots of different formats of the data. And for that it ordinarily rocks. Just remember to turn name fields back into name fields after saving and re-opening the file turned them mysteriously into text files. At least, remember before sorting. And, I want to dump any of the data out into files rather than printing it, go to list form because copy is greyed out in all other modes.

Except tonight it wasn't? I have no idea how I got it into a different mode, but all of a sudden it was perfectly content to let me copy. It only copied the text and tabbed between the fields, so it wouldn't retain any graphic embellishments, but, damn! it saved it.


Chess Club Holiday party went well. I actually made fantastic time getting there -- I'd let time get past me (cooking food for a lunch I almost forgot to eat), and didn't leave the house until 3, when I normally leave to go straight there. I stopped at Meijer to buy a cake, and Nadine's to buy a gift certificate, and got there only 15 minutes late. In the rain, during the holidays. The trick is to completely avoid Nicholasville Road.

We handed out a bunch of flyers for the tournament in Cincy in a week, and I've already finished making out a phone list to split with Coach, to call the players and confirm who's coming, before sending in the roster.

Now if I could just get into the habit of updating the bowling records on they day we bowl...

Gotta remember to actually make the calls, though.

And now, to play Chez Dork.

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